Creative Photography Marketing Ideas | Epic Formula To Market Your Photography Business Without Blowing Your Entire Budget

Creative Photography Marketing Ideas | Epic Formula To Market Your ...

Creative Photography Marketing Ideas | We talked about the decision to start your own photography business in one of our previous posts, and what it means to actually make the switch from being just a hobbyist to running an actual photography business. We also briefly touched upon the importance of a solid marketing strategy. Today, we want to right that wrong, and delve a bit deeper into the this vitally important aspect of every business plan, because even though many photographers realize the importance of marketing, not many give it all the attention it actually deserves.

Creative Photography Marketing Ideas | Website Design –

We get it, you’re a creative artist and you want to focus on the art, not the business side of running your own venture. However, keep in mind that taking stunning photos will get you only so far – if you’re serious about turning your passion for photography into a profitable business, you will need to work on your business skills just as much as you did on your photography skills. The good news is that marketing your photography business doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming! Heck, it can even be fun! To help you get started, we put together some of the neatest marketing ideas we learned during many years of working with photographers just like, so let’s get started!

Define Your Ideal Client | Creative Photography Marketing Ideas

Defining your ideal client is one of the most important things you can do for your photography business. Even though we’re talking about marketing strategies here, defining your ideal client will affect pretty much every aspect of your photography business – everything from the way you market your services, your rates, and even the equipment you get, so make sure you clearly define your ideal client in terms of age, gender, location, marital status, and even finances, and then set up a marketing strategy that will appeal specifically to them. After all, marketing efforts that will appeal to high-school seniors won’t do you any good if your target audience are fashion agencies or magazine editors looking for a professional photographer.

Creative Photography Marketing Ideas | Epic Formula To Market Your ...

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Start Building Your Online Presence | Creative Photography Marketing Ideas

Welcome to the digital age! We live in a time when we not only connect with friends and family online, but we also work, shop, learn, meet new people, and do business online. Needless to say, that’s also where most business owners will market their services or products. And we’re not talking just about photographers here either – even brick-and-mortar stores can benefit from having a decent website up and running, providing potential customers with all the information they might be looking for.

We’re not saying that the good ol’ print marketing is dead (Actually, we kinda are!) – but even if a potential client stumbles upon your ad in local newspapers, they will want to check out your work before actually hiring you. Of course, they’ll turn to Google almighty and look you up. If you don’t have a decent website that showcases examples of your work, or even if you haven’t updated your website for some time now, they might think you’re out of business.

Get Social! | Creative Photography Marketing Ideas

Setting up a great website is just the first step when it comes to building a solid online presence. While “Build it and they will come!” was a good movie plot, it’s not the best marketing strategy – even the most stunning website won’t do you much good unless people actually visit it. To raise awareness and spread the word about your products, services, and ultimately, your website, you will want to figure out where your potential clients are spending time and get on their radars. And today there’s no better tool for that than social media!

Social media isn’t your traditional marketing tool, so don’t join every networks possible just because they’re free and bombard the poor souls that decide to follow or friend you – instead, figure out where your potential clients are, join a few (no more than 3-5) networks, and engage your friends, followers, and fans. It’s called social media for a reason – so make sure you cover the social aspect by joining the ongoing conversation and putting in your two cents. Share tips and tricks, comment and like other people’s content, and socialize!

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Creative Photography Marketing Ideas | Epic Formula To Market Your ...

Referrals Are Your Ticket To Stardom! | Creative Photography Marketing Ideas

Starting a business involves quite a lot of work, so why not get your clients to do some of the work for (or with!) you. For example, you can set up a referral program and offer them an incentive for each new client they bring in! This should be something that has high-perceived value but doesn’t cost you too much. This a couple of free prints, or a discount on their next purchase. However, keep in mind that your clients aren’t the only potential source of business – other business owners can help you grow your business as well.

Creative Photography Marketing Ideas | Website Design –

Consider setting up a network of business owners that are targeting the same audience as you – for example, if you’re a wedding photographer, consider approaching wedding planners, venue owners, cake decorators, and other businesses targeting brides to be and offer to take some professional shots of their product or service if they would be willing to send their clients your way. By building strong relationships in your niche, you’ll not only have a better chance of getting referred, but you’ll actually appear as a well-connected and respected industry leader.

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