Creative Stationery Designs | Skip The Greeting Card Aisle: Six Ways to Design Your Stationery

Creative Stationery Designs | Skip The Greeting Card Aisle:...

Creative Stationery Designs | As much as we all love tech, sometimes the best way to express yourself is with a hand-written letter. Like a flash of satori, your company stationery should be like a wake-up call. The whole point is to catch your clients’ attention on first contact, then make them beg for more in the long run.

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Stationery items have always been an important element of business branding. A stationery set is most often made up of typical office things like papers, envelopes, letter headers, writing equipment and the like, and it gives a unique feel to any organization or company. Just like business cards, business stationery is no longer used just to provide basic information about yourself and your business. Today, more and more business owners are using creatively designed business stationery to convey the image and personality of their businesses to leave a long lasting impression.

Identity system of your small business is a chance to declare your mission to the world. The best business cards, letterheads and other stationery items let existing and potential clients know what they can expect from the company at a glance. Sometimes, your stationery design will be the first interaction a client has with your company, while other times it will be used to reinforce the brand identity. It’s vital to get the details right, but to also design something that’s tactile, eye-catching, and memorable.

Creative Stationery Designs | Skip The Greeting Card Aisle:...

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Keep your layout design simple | Creative Stationery Designs

One of the most important principles behind designing effective stationery is to keep the design as simple as possible. Keep in mind that your stationery is a delivery mechanism – it’s not the content itself, rather the supporting structure that delivers that content. Make sure your stationery is easy to read. Remember, simple is always best. A typical stationery design will feature a logo, company name, and contact details, among other things.

Define the text | Creative Stationery Designs

The starting point of any stationery design is to determine exactly what text will be used within the layout. Company name and logo are essential elements to include together with all relevant contact details. Feature your company’s postal or street address, phone and fax numbers and email. You can even include your slogan if you wish.

Select the right font for your design | Creative Stationery Designs

Selecting font styles that are easy to read is vital. Text should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than two different fonts keeps the style consistent and the text readable. If a particular typeface has been utilized elsewhere within the corporate identity, it may be appropriate to use that typeface within the letterhead design. Fonts should be selected to stay consistent with company branding at all times.

Use color if appropriate | Creative Stationery Designs

Color is an excellent way to direct attention to your design, and to specific areas within your letterhead. Not only can it highlight a section, but it can also convey specific ideas and emotions, create associations, and, of course, reinforce branding. Company colors are typically used to make sure your stationery items remain consistent with other corporate branding. Color must be used selectively to the purpose of emphasizing company name. Color is a very powerful tool that can make or break your letterhead design – but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Use color sparingly, and make the most of the impact it brings to your design.

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Creative Stationery Designs | Skip The Greeting Card Aisle:...

Imagery | Creative Stationery Designs

It’s a known fact that we process images much faster and easier than text, so where possible include images to break down your design, but make sure the images are always relevant to your business or the marketing purpose of each stationery item. Good images to choose include a professional picture of yourself, the building your company is located in, or something closely aligned with your logo and brand message. Using clip art is not a good idea, because it makes your stationery look generic.

Creative Stationery Designs | Website Design –

Don’t be afraid of white space | Creative Stationery Designs

Choosing a design that offers elements of clean white space will help your message stand out. A design that is too busy will distract your clients from noticing the important things on the stationery, such as your contact information and logo. While you may be tempted to fill in every inch of your design with information or images, this may result in your stationery becoming too “busy” and a reader will lose interest quite quickly. White space can help break down areas of your stationery, and allow you to form sections and prioritize the area of importance.

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