Custom Business Logo Design | Does Your Brand Have a Visual Hammer?

Custom Business Logo Design | Does Your Brand Have a...

Custom Business Logo Design | McDonald’s and other big businesses like Coca-Cola and Apple have timeless, memorable logos, but it’s not just the big guys that reap the rewards of a well-designed logo. A great logo can build loyalty between your company and your clients, establish a brand identity, and provide the professional look of a successful enterprise.

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A logo can make or break your brand’s identity. It serves as a graphic representation of your business. As such, it should be memorable in order to be an effective advertising tool. The very first time your potential clients see it, their brains starts computing: Are you reliable and likeable? Are you worth their attention? What are your values? To create a successful logo, follow these simple logo design tips.

Find a good designer | Custom Business Logo Design

While coming up with logo ideas by yourself is a key step in designing your business logo, trying to create a logo completely on your own is a mistake. When creating a visual representation of your business, it’s best to find someone with experience and knowledge in graphic design. If you want a high quality logo, you need to work with someone that has actual design experience, not an “artsy” friend.

If the cost of a custom business logo design seems exorbitant, remember that a good logo should last at least 10 years. If you look at the amortization of that cost over a 10-year period, it doesn’t seem so bad. Your logo is the foundation of all your promotional materials, so this is one area where spending a little more now can really pay off later.

Custom Business Logo Design | Does Your Brand Have a...

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Keep it simple | Custom Business Logo Design

There are a million ways we can tell you this, but, again, let’s keep it simple: be simple! A successful logo inspires trust and loyalty. It does not have to convey the nature of your business. In fact, the simpler your logo design, the better. A great logo should convey a message, emotion or description in one glance. It doesn’t always need to say what a company does. Restaurant logos don’t need to always show food; dentist logos don’t need to show teeth; furniture store logos don’t need to show furniture. Its job is to easily identify something. A well-designed logo is clean, simple, and direct.

Think in color | Custom Business Logo Design

Never underestimate the power of color! There is so much emotion embedded in color and its psychological power can be extremely persuasive. When taking the brand’s personality into account, you have to think about every aspect of the image. Bright and bold colors may grab someone’s attention, but could also seem arrogant; muted tones exude sophistication, but could be overlooked. How you combine these colors is important as they can create contrast, balance, and weight to help convey your idea.

Consider keeping your design to a couple of colors to keep costs down, and use shades of those colors when more levels are needed. Smaller color palettes can also work to keep logos from looking too busy and cluttered.

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Custom Business Logo Design | Does Your Brand Have a...

Be versatile | Custom Business Logo Design

Being versatile goes a long way in making a logo design popular. If your logo looks great on posters, but terrible on coffee mugs, it will never achieve popularity. In the digital age, where logos will appear on multiple devices and across social media, you must design something that transcends paper. Your logo design is amazing, beautiful, and stunning… but only on your 24in full HD monitor? Scale it down to 100 pixels and what have you got? A little undecipherable splodge. Make sure it looks great on different backgrounds, works for apps, icons, avatars and print, and keep in mind that it must be flexible in size.

Custom Business Logo Design | Website Design –

Be original | Custom Business Logo Design

In many cases, imitation is the best form of flattery — with logo design, this is not the case. The last thing you want from a business logo is to have it mistaken for that of a competitor. So when considering logo design, it’s important to keep it original. What’s important is to create something that you believe is different from anything already out there. Why not use a design that you actually thought up yourself rather than ripping off what everyone else is doing?

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