Customer Base Growth | Bust The Rut: 6 Ways To Reconnect With Your Past Customers

Customer Base Growth | Bust The Rut: 6 Ways To Recon...

Customer Base Growth | While generating new leads is crucial, the ability to boost repeat business plays a huge role in the long-term success of any company. The number one tool in any small business is the existing customer list. This time of year is such a great time to re-assess your valued past customers, and reconnect now before you have that next thing to sell them. If someone has done business with you once, they are far more likely to do it again – but it is up to you to remind them that you are there.

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Getting in touch with one of your past customers after several months (or years?) can feel a little scary for some. You have to try and connect with someone you haven’t spoken with in awhile, and you’re really not sure what kind of reaction you’re going to get. So, how can you make sure your customers give your pitch serious consideration? How can you set up an effective customer base growth strategy that will work year-round? Here are some tips to get you started.

Stay In Front Of Your Customers On A Monthly Basis | Customer Base Growth

Write a monthly newsletter, or mail a letter with specific information that would benefit your customer base. Each month, look for something relevant, and include a note saying, “Thought you would enjoy the enclosed.” It can be original, or re-purposed content. You just want to position yourself as a valuable resource to your customers.

Customer Base Growth | Bust The Rut: 6 Ways To Recon...

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Survey The Customers You’ve Worked With In The Past | Customer Base Growth

Taking a more formal approach to reaching out can also make sense. By running a survey, you’ve not only got a clear reason why you have to reconnect with past customers, but you may be able to find some great opportunities to build on that connection: you may find that there’s a particular follow-up product, or a piece of support that would make your customers more likely to make additional purchases.

Pick Up The Phone | Customer Base Growth

There’s nothing more direct than picking up the phone in order to call a customer, or a business partner. Whether following up on a delivery, apologizing for something that went wrong, or wondering why you haven’t received an order in a while, there’s no more effective way to build or strengthen a relationship. A phone conversation is trumps an email, but make sure you can offer something of value before you contact your clients over the phone.

Send A Personalized Note | Customer Base Growth

Physical mail is so uncommon nowadays, it’s bound to stand out, and grab the attention. When customers get a card from you, they know you’ve put thought and time into it, which translates into feeling valued. Use big events like Christmas and birthdays to remind them where you are. Just remember to make it personal – no one likes to get a company Christmas card that has obviously been sent to hundreds of other customers. Use the phone, or send a card to wish a past customer a happy birthday. The gesture can serve as an “ice-breaker” to reconnect with them.

Court Your Clients | Customer Base Growth

Selling is a lot like dating, because you have to woo customers, and hope they return the attention. Consider offering something just to existing and old customers that you wouldn’t offer to a new customer – and make sure they known what they are getting. Free samples of new products are an effective way to keep potential customers updated about your business. If your product samples are valuable, and you can only send out a small number, be selective with the mailing list and target the clients who did business with you the most.

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Customer Base Growth | Bust The Rut: 6 Ways To Recon...

Step Away From Your Computer And Smartphone | Customer Base Growth

In a recent study marketers answered one question: ‘What are your most effective channels for customer engagement both now and in three years?’ The top response: ‘face to face,’ from 59 percent of participants. While it’s often much quicker and less stressful to email your customers, face-to-face meetings and networking are far more effective in building meaningful connections. These meetings are still among the best ways businesses can establish relationships with decision makers.

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Remember, each loyal and well-nurtured customer in your database can represent thousands of dollars in referrals and repeat business down the road. If you’re not keeping in touch and building relationships with customers long after the transaction, you’re throwing money down the drain. Of course, there is no guarantee that if you do this you will get a rush of orders. But many businesses simply do not try or try once a year which is just not enough.

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