Customized Business Card Design | How To Get More Out Of Your Business Cards In 2016 (And 3 Examples To Inspire You!)

Customized Business Card Design | How To Get More Out Of Your Bus...

Customized Business Card Design | Lots of people don’t carry around business cards anymore, which is a huge mistake! Business cards are one of the most powerful communication tools providing your potential clients with all the information they need in order to contact you. However, they can do so much more than that – they can launch conversations and spur relationships, but also communicate the nature of your brand, grab the interest of your potential client and get them to actually call you. Or, if they’re not designed well, they can end up in the trash can. And it’s all up to you!

Customized Business Card Design | Website Design –

We live in a time when you can get your hands on a free template and order a stack of business cards for less than $20, which is a troubling phenomenon. Most of these business cards have all the telltale signs of amateur design, and you’ll definitely want to steer clear of them if your budget allows. The business card is often the very first contact a potential client will have with your business, and you need to make sure you leave the best impression possible if you’re hoping to convert them into paying clients. To help you get started and make sure your business card wows your potential clients and gets them on the phone, we gathered some of the most effective design tips. Let’s dive right in!

Stand Out! | Customized Business Card Design

Chances are, the business card you hand out to a potential client will be your very first impression, the one you make long before they even get a chance to see your website. If you use a generic template many other business owners are already using, how is your business card supposed to stand out from the pile? After all, we all receive dozens of business cards each week, so you need to make sure your card stands out from the rest. This can be a tricky challenge, especially if you’re not an experienced designer, but it can be done!

Customized Business Card Design | How To Get More Out Of Your Bus...

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The very first step is creating a personalized design that will not only convey your contact details but also communicate the nature of your brand. Whether using your brand’s colors, fonts, or elements from your logo, it’s your job to come up with something that will seamlessly fit the rest of your branded materials. The goal is to look at what’s already out there and come up with something new!

Cover The Basics | Customized Business Card Design

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of a business card is to provide potential clients with everything they need to contact you and hire you, which means the first thing you have to think about are the contact details you’re going to include on your business card. Keep in mind that you have to achieve a balance between providing enough details without cluttering your card and overwhelming the recipients. So, what’s most important? Your name definitely has to be there, along with your phone number, email, and website, but you can also consider including the social media contact information.

Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Cards | Customized Business Card Design

With the introduction of smartphones and other technological advancements, many business owners no longer carry around business cards. However, business cards are far from being dead; they’ve just evolved. From QR codes that point to your website, Facebook page or another contact point when scanned, to augmented reality showcase examples of your work on a smartphone screen, there are plenty of creative elements you can include in your card to boost its effectiveness and add value to it. When everything fails, consider including a referral code or a coupon on the back of your cards to entice your existing clients to spread the word about your business and refer you their friends and family.

Usability Is Paramount | Customized Business Card Design

You can create a unique and interesting card, but if you don’t pay close attention to readability, it might end up being a wasted investment. The goal is to provide your potential clients with your contact details so they can reach out to you the moment they decide to hire you or enquire about the services and products you’re providing. If you use a complex font that’s difficult to read, or shrink down the text to fit as many details as possible on your card, the recipients won’t try too hard to decipher the information.

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Customized Business Card Design | How To Get More Out Of Your Bus...

Leave the calligraphic fonts for your Pinterest board and use a simple, readable font instead. A good rule of thumb when it comes to font size is to avoid using fonts smaller than 8pts. And lastly, you’ll also need to pay attention to the color you use for the text. If the background of your card is white, you’ll want to use a dark font, especially for the most important details. A light gray or a cream font on a white background is the perfect recipe for a disaster that might render your business card pretty much useless.

Customized Business Card Design | Website Design –

The Issue Of Size | Customized Business Card Design

The average business card is only 3.5 x 2 inches, but many business owners decide to switch things up in order to make their cards stand out – whether by using round cards, or simply making their cards larger. This, however, can do more damage than good! Keep in mind that wallets and business card holders are made to accommodate this particular size; a round card, for example, definitely won’t fit the standard card holder and it might end up in the trash instead.

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