Customized Business Card Designs | How To Design A Business Card That Really Works For You!

Customized Business Card Designs | How To Design A ...

Customized Business Card Designs | Business cards are one of the simplest, most effective ways businesses market themselves, their products, and services to potential clients, vendors and suppliers. Whether you’re attending a networking event, hosting a seminar, or meeting a potential client for the first time, a well-designed business card is vital. Because your business card will stay with your potential client long after your meeting is over, think of your business card as your irreplaceable sales weapon; they have to convey your brand the way you would. The key is to design a business card design that’s appealing, targeted and informative.

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You give your business card to potential clients and partners so they have your contact information. You tuck your business card inside of presentation folders, drop it in letters, and use it in a myriad of other ways to let people know who you are and what you do. But no matter how you use your business card, it won’t be the marketing tool it should be, unless it looks professional, is legible, and helps potential clients remember what you sell, and why they should purchase it from you. Follow the tips below to create unique, professional business cards that pack a punch!

Make Your Information Descriptive, Yet Concise | Customized Business Card Designs

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating their business cards is the tendency to leave off crucial information. Clients will want to know all the ways of reaching you. It is vital to make sure all bases of communication are covered. Include all of your relevant contact information, including social media. For websites, “www” is enough; there’s no need to type out “http://” too.

Customized Business Card Designs | How To Design A ...

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Make sure you include your name, job title and company name or logo. Think carefully about which contact details to include – you need to achieve a balance between providing enough points of contact without making your card look cluttered. If you put all of your information on your card and it looks cluttered, then by all means make cuts.

Include Your Logo | Customized Business Card Designs

Make sure your card showcases a professional looking logo, which is consistent with the rest of your marketing materials. A business logo is a vital branding element essential to business card design. Whether your logo is an image with words or just logo type, add it to your business card in a prominent location. If you don’t already have a logo, have a professional designer design it for you. If you’re offering products or services that can be described with a symbol (house painter, home builder, restaurant, dog grooming service), the logo should symbolize that product or service in some way. It should also be scalable for use on business cards, letterhead, brochures, and your website.

Use Standard Business Card Size | Customized Business Card Designs

When giving out business cards, you want to make sure that the person you give it to will hold on to it. While it is essential to keep your card unique, you do want to make sure the card fits a standard business card size. There are things you can do to a 3.5″ x 2″ card to make it stand out (like rounded corners), but going with an unusual shape can be tricky. A round card, for example, is definitely memorable, but it certainly won’t fit in standard business-card holder devices.

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Customized Business Card Designs | How To Design A ...

Don’t Skimp on Paper Quality | Customized Business Card Designs

Your business card may sometimes be the first impression people will have of your business. You don’t want to have cards that appear to be less than professional. Although some of the pre-printed paper that you can buy to create your own business cards is heavy enough to pass for a “real” business card, most people will get better results by having their business cards professionally typeset and printed.

Customized Business Card Designs | Website Design –

Keep It Simple | Customized Business Card Designs

There is a way to be creative, while keeping things simple. Avoid cluttering the card with too much noise. People shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by too many images or different fonts because it will take away from the information on the card. You don’t have too much space with which to work, so make sure you don’t make your logo too large, don’t make the type too small to be comfortably read, and don’t be afraid to use white space.

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