Digital Photography Marketing Guide | You’ve Got A Website. Now What?

Digital Photography Marketing Guide | You've Got A Website. Now What?

Digital Photography Marketing Guide | We discussed some of the most important things to keep in mind when setting up a website in our previous post, but in order to get the most out of your investment, you will need to make sure you set up a solid marketing strategy. While it might have worked for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, “Build it, and they will come!” isn’t the best strategy when it comes to your website. There are almost one million photography websites out there, and standing out can be quite a challenge if you dive right in without any prep work.

Digital Photography Marketing Guide | Website Design –

There’s good news, though. In spite of what many marketing agencies would have you believe, standing out in today’s digital chatter doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. In fact, there are many things you can do on your own to raise awareness, get more exposure, and boost website traffic. To help you get started on the right track, we prepared a quick overview of the most effective tips and tricks you can start using today, so let’s dive right in!

SEO Is Crucial For Online Success | Digital Photography Marketing Guide

SEO, or search engine optimization, sounds scary to most small business owners in general, not just photographers, but once you realize what it’s all about, you’ll see it doesn’t have to be as nearly as complicated as some will have you believe. It all comes down to helping the search engines figure out what your website is all about more easily, so they can provide their users with the most relevant results for each search query. No matter the type of marketing strategy you set up, SEO isn’t something you can afford to overlook, so definitely check out our previous post to find out what you can do on your own to improve your search engine rankings.

Digital Photography Marketing Guide | You've Got A Website. Now What?

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Social Media Can Turn You Into A Rockstar! (Well, Sorta…) | Digital Photography Marketing Guide

OK, so building a solid social media presence won’t suddenly give you a great voice (Sadly, only margaritas on a karaoke night can do that!), but it can do wonders for your business and turn your business into a household name! Even some of the biggest brands out there have recognized the power and potential of social media, and they’re using it to boost awareness and grow their client base, and your photography business shouldn’t be an exception. However, it’s vitally important you keep in mind that social media, while a powerful marketing tool, isn’t a traditional marketing tool. In other words, don’t use it as a link dump!

People don’t join social networks to read generic sales messages – and they don’t follow other accounts to do that either. Instead, people want to see interesting, informative, entertaining content – so give them just that. Join a few social networks that are popular among your target audience and join the ongoing conversation. Share your blog posts, offer your opinions and stick to a steady schedule to get on the radar of your ideal client, so when they need the services you’re providing, you’ll be the first one that pops into mind.

Email Marketing Isn’t Always Spam | Digital Photography Marketing Guide

If you have a website up and running, but you still haven’t set up a system to capture email addresses of your visitors, you’re missing a vital business opportunity. No, we don’t mean you should install spyware on their computers – instead, set up a newsletter signup form and offer an incentive for subscribing to your newsletters, such as a special discount, or a free eBook with tips and tricks. People that subscribe to your newsletter might not be paying clients, but they’re one step closer to becoming just that. Think about it – they’re interested in what you have to say, and want to know more about the services and products you’re offering.

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Digital Photography Marketing Guide | You've Got A Website. Now What?

Many photographers opt not to use newsletters because they think it might be perceived as spam. While this might be your initial reaction, it’s far from being the truth. There’s a fine line between spamming your subscribers and keeping them up to date, so make sure you email them only when you’ve got something important to say, and make sure the emails you send out bring value to the recipients. Moving to a new location? Let your subscribers know and offer them a special discount! Introducing a new service? Offer your subscribers a chance to book a session before anyone else and, you guessed it, offer a discount! This will definitely get them reading your newsletter and it is more than likely to get you booked solid!

Digital Photography Marketing Guide | Website Design –

Consider Paid Advertising | Digital Photography Marketing Guide

OK, so by now you’ve got a powerful website up and running, a solid social media presence, and you’re creating unique content for your blog. If you want to take things to the next level, consider paid advertising. Instead of running to your local newspapers, check out Google’s pay-per-click ads, or Facebook sponsored ads. Even though you might have a large following on Facebook, sponsored ads will get your posts in front of a wider audience and get you noticed by more people – not just the people that already liked your page! If you’re strapped for cash, use paid advertising only when you’re running a special campaign or when you’re offering a discount for a limited time.

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