Easy Blog Design Guide | 6 Expert-Level Blog Design Tips For Beginner Bloggers

Easy Blog Design Guide | 6 Expert-Level Blog Design Tips For Begin...

Easy Blog Design Guide | It probably goes without saying that hiring an experienced web designer to help you set up a blog design could save you a lot of time. But if you are on a limited budget, or just starting out, this is probably not a real option. So, if you are going to design your own blog, you need to keep some the key factors in mind that make an effective and enjoyable blog from an aesthetically point of view. In other words, once you understand what makes a good blog design, you can work on it yourself.

Easy Blog Design Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Your blog has to look elegant, be easy to navigate, and show off useful and informative content that appeals to your target audience. By focusing on these three things, you can make your website much more marketable to potential readers. Here are some of our favorite expert-level blog design tips that we’ve gathered from years of helping people just like you set up websites that provide visitors with enjoyable and memorable browsing experience.

Simplify Navigation | Easy Blog Design Guide

Help your readers find their way around your blog by making it as easy as possible to find the key pages. If your visitor wants to see posts from a specific date, would they know where to look? What if they wanted to read all your posts under a specific tag? You should have a top navigation bar with links to the most important pages such as About, Contact and FAQs page. Then you can include key categories or popular posts either in a secondary navigation bar below the top or in the sidebar. You should not expect your visitors to make the effort to understand how your website is arranged. It is up to you to make it simple for them. Everything they see should already be optimized.

Easy Blog Design Guide | 6 Expert-Level Blog Design Tips For Begin...

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Choose Your Fonts Carefully | Easy Blog Design Guide

Try to stick to just two or three fonts throughout your blog. Too many fonts can be confusing and make for a messy blog design. The best blog typography lends a meaningful purpose to the content while evoking emotions in your readers in the process. Besides picking an appealing web font, make sure that different text elements have a different look and feel (main headings, subheadings, regular text, italic text, quotes, lists, and so on).

Color Is Great, But Don’t Overdo It | Easy Blog Design Guide

Ideally, you will want to use a white or light background with black or dark text. This is the easiest combination for your reader’s eye. Black backgrounds with white fonts are difficult to read and particularly challenging for the partially-sighted. You’ll also want to have one or two more colors you’ll use sparingly for emphasizing the important elements. A splash of color in the banner and little dabs of color here and there place visual markers of importance for your visitors. However, keep in mind that using too many colors can become a distraction – there will be too many places for the eye to go and it can cause attention paralysis.

Pay Attention To Alignment | Easy Blog Design Guide

When something sticks out, your visitors will definitely notice it. And when a picture or text sticks out from the rest of the column, it looks like a mistake and it becomes a distraction. The solution is rather simple – just say no to centered layout. Centered text is for headlines, billboards and advertisements — not for large chunks of text. Why? Well, each time your eye moves to a new line, it has to struggle to find the start (because it’s never in the same spot twice), which makes it uncomfortable to read large chunks of text.

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Easy Blog Design Guide | 6 Expert-Level Blog Design Tips For Begin...

Be Social | Easy Blog Design Guide

People like you. They want to connect and engage with you. So why make it difficult for them to find you on social networks? Don’t forget to include social buttons that link to your social media channels so new readers can follow you on their chosen network. Make your media buttons accessible and available. This means that you have them close to the top of your sidebar, but if you have a footer that you use, put your icons there as well!

Easy Blog Design Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Less Is More | Easy Blog Design Guide

A cleaner, less cluttered look is more appealing than a cluttered one. Don’t have a sidebar full of 60 graphics of your favorite blogs. Pay attention to the ratio of ads to content on your website as well. Excessive ads will lead to an unattractive and cluttered website. They might bury the information your guests are trying to access or lead them to abandon your website.

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