Easy Logo Design Guide | How To Design A Photography Logo From Scratch: Killer Tips And Best Practices

Easy Logo Design Guide | How To Design A Photography ...

Easy Logo Design Guide | Everyone thinks they can design a powerful logo, but simply knowing your way around design software is far from being enough. Many logos out there are unprofessional and carry all the tell-tale signs of an amateur or a beginner. How can you design something unique that stands out in a crowd of identities? And how do you create something quickly while maintaining quality?

Easy Logo Design Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Creating logos is just like any other type of design work, in order to be professional you’ll have to pay attention to details. Here are some insights into the process and workflow of powerful and modern logo design. Even the best idea can be ruined by not thinking about simple things, and with these tips and your creativity, you can make your logo design shine with the very best.

Sketch It Out | Easy Logo Design Guide

A lot of beginners jump right onto the computer to design a logo. With a solid understanding of what has to be communicated, it’s on to the first sketches: more often than not, these should be the pen and paper kind. This enables you to be experimental and not get caught up in the smaller details, like spending a lot of time fiddling with special effects and filters. While this can be useful, it usually means that the thoughtful design and artistry of the logo itself has taken a back seat. Sketching is a much faster way to create initial ideas before you even touch your mouse.

Easy Logo Design Guide | How To Design A Photography ...

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Use Vectors | Easy Logo Design Guide

As you sketch different versions, start eliminating the designs that feel weak or inappropriate. When you are satisfied with your ideas, move to the computer. The best way to save you from any pain and frustration with later iterations of your logo design is to create it using vectors. Editing a vector logo is mjuch easier than having to edit a pixel-based image. It enables you to scale the logo to any size without lose of quality, as an effective logo works across a variety of mediums and applications.

Communicate With Color | Easy Logo Design Guide

Understanding the psychology of colors is also important for designing an effective logo. This is not a superficial decision, as color conveys meanings and communicates ideas. The colors can grab you and pull you in, bring life to the illustration and give further context to the shape. The use of color can bring multiple layers of meaning, from primitive responses based on millions of years of evolved instinct to the complex associations we make based on learned assumptions.

Black And White Version | Easy Logo Design Guide

Logo designs have to work in black and white as well as color. If your logo design uses color to communicate meaning, think about how you can convey that meaning when the color is removed. When designing your basic logo idea, start simply. Create it in solid black. Then when you have the basic structure and feel, you can then move onto adding other embellishments such as color. This way choices are made judging by the shapes and you are not distracted by anything else. It makes it much easier to know that your logo will work well in shades of grey afterwards.

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Easy Logo Design Guide | How To Design A Photography ...

Pay Attention To Fonts | Easy Logo Design Guide

Words that form a part of a logo are just as vital as graphics. A lot of beginners will use any old font for a logo. However, the lettering style, fonts, and even the case in a logo can have a dramatic effect. Fonts come in all shapes and sizes that resonate differently with strength, class and style, movement and forward thinking. It’s not about just looking pretty: matching the qualities of the font to the qualities of the brand is what’s important here.

Easy Logo Design Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Consider The Medium | Easy Logo Design Guide

While creating a logo, keep in mind your target medium. For example, if a logo will only be used on a website, you might spice it up with multiple colors, fades, or even special effects. However, if a logo will also be used for commercial printing, you need to consider the complexity of the logo and the expense that multiple colors and effects will add to the printing costs. Your logo should look great at any size, whether it’s huge on a truck or tiny on a badge.

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