Easy Marketing Tips | Seven Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Sales!

Easy Marketing Tips | Marketing Made Easy: Seven Things ...

Easy Marketing Tips | One universal goal of every small business is to sell products and services. This is generally best achieved by positioning the brand in front of the target audience, and offering something they can’t find elsewhere. If you want to avoid wasting stacks of money, and missing countless sales opportunities, throw your old marketing textbooks in the recycling bin! You have to know what works today, when even the smallest business can promote itself to millions of potential clients online for less than the cost of a one-off trade journal advert, and mail millions in a few hours for just a few bucks.

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Marketing a business is an ongoing challenge for small business owners. Big businesses can spend a lot of money on coming up with blockbuster marketing ideas for their products, but small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford that luxury. However, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, there are proven marketing strategies that can help you find new clients even if you are on a shoestring budget. Follow these proven and effective tips and techniques to help get the word out about your business and watch it grow.

Get Blogging | Easy Marketing Tips

Start a blog. And don’t just start one – stay committed for at least 12 months in order to give yourself a chance to see results. This is a long-term activity that deserves attention and dedication. A blog is one of the simplest ways to get the word out. Apart from the exposure, a blog serves as an effective way to build your brand. A blog is very easy to set up and run, it requires very little technical knowledge, and is great for search engine optimization.

Easy Marketing Tips | Seven Things You Can Do Today To ...

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Join Social Media Platforms | Easy Marketing Tips

Social media networks are websites which can help you take your marketing strategy up a notch, and no one could argue with that. Get your brand on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter – and stay up to date on new trends and changes. Social media is a free marketing opportunity that you have to consider, because it’s an effective way to tap into the largest source of new clients. Complete your profiles and start joining discussions to build up a network of followers interested in you, your products, and your services. Building a social media presence is like giving your business a voice and a personality to which clients will feel attached to.

Get Your Business Listed | Easy Marketing Tips

It’s amazing how many businesses aren’t listed on websites like Google Places. Just by claiming your business on review websites such as Foursquare, Yelp, and Google Places, for example, you’re letting potential clients know where you’re located, and that, yes, you’re actually a real business. Take advantage of local search results by making sure your business is listed. Encourage your clients to review your products or services online. This is like sowing seeds for which other potential clients will pick up in their social media experience.

Offer Something For Free | Easy Marketing Tips

Getting your foot in the door with new clients is winning half the battle. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Everybody likes to get a little something for free. Get them hooked on your product or service then you can start charging them. Called sample marketing, this is an extremely effective way small business owners can get the word out there about their businesses.

Hand Out Business Cards | Easy Marketing Tips

Home-printed business cards suck. Template business cards suck too. Be different! A lot of people don’t even carry around business cards anymore. This is a mistake! Business cards aren’t just for giving people your contact information; they also start conversations and spur relationships. Don’t walk out the door without your business cards – you never know when you’ll bump into someone who could use your services, or be interested in your products.

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Easy Marketing Tips | Seven Things You Can Do Today To ...

Network | Easy Marketing Tips

Find out where your local free networking events are and start attending them! People like to do business with other people. Attend at least 2 events a month. Get to know other owners and learn about their companies. Attend events and try to push yourself for public speaking. This makes your presence noticeable, helps you establish yourself as an expert, and paves the way for winning over new clients.

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Optimize Your Website | Easy Marketing Tips

Search engine optimization should be an essential element of your online marketing strategy. If you want to attract more quality leads to your website and build a strong, prosperous brand, this has to be high on your priority list. Don’t forget to put local keywords (the name of your city or county, for example) on your web pages and in title tags to help local web searchers find you.

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