Easy Photography Website Tips | Spruce Up Your Photography Website With These Simple Spring Cleaning Tips For A First-Timer

Easy Photography Website Tips | Spruce Up Your Photography Website ...

Easy Photography Website Tips | The spring is finally here! We don’t know about you, but the past few months here at MediaNovak have been packed with tons of exciting new projects, priceless family moments during the holidays (and a shopping spree or two), personal victories, as well as a few challenges that made us grow and learn. If you’re anything like us, you’re slowly getting out of the winter slump, shedding layers of warm clothes, reorganizing your closet, and working on losing those few extra winter pounds. This is a great time to take a look at your website as well, and see how it’s performing, what’s working, and what needs changing.

Easy Photography Website Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

We get it, holidays are one of the busiest times in a photographer’s life, so you might have been neglecting your website, but every once in awhile, you need to shake out your website’s welcome mat and clean the cobwebs to keep it working for you. If you feel as if your website is getting stale or heavy, we gathered some of the most effective design tips you need to know about before redesigning your website. Let’s dive right in!

Why Flashy Isn’t Always Better | Easy Photography Website Tips

There are many photography websites online right now, so it’s only natural that you want yours to stand out from the crowd. This is why many photographers choose to set up complex websites with countless colors, animations and other design elements that serve no real purpose other than to add that extra punch and keep the visitor glued to their screens. However, what often happens is that these elements end up overshadowing the photos they’re trying to showcase. Remember, your work is the star of the show, and a simple, elegant website will push it front and center where it belongs!

Easy Photography Website Tips | Spruce Up Your Photography Website ...

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Limit Your Color Scheme | Easy Photography Website Tips

One of the first things a visitor will notice when visiting a website for the first time is the color scheme, and while using color is a great idea to emphasize important areas, communicate a particular message, set the mood, and reinforce your brand, using too many colors might overwhelm your visitors and detract them from noticing what’s really important – your work. When designing a portfolio website for a client, we usually advise them to stick to 2-3 colors.

First, you’ll need a background color – white or light gray is usually the best choice, as it will allow the content to stand out. Then, you’ll need your main color. You have free rein here, but you’ll want to choose a color that works well for your brand. Take a look at your logo, marketing collateral and other branded materials. If there is a particular color common for all of them, use it for your website to ensure consistency. And lastly, you’ll need an accent color. This needs to be a bold color you’ll use sparingly for the most important elements you want noticed first, like your call to action buttons.

Get Picky With Your Portfolio Page | Easy Photography Website Tips

Your entire website is a chance to showcase your style and creativity, sure, but your portfolio and the way you set it up will be the pièce de résistance, so to speak. Don’t upload every photo you ever took. Not only will it take forever to load, but it will also make your portfolio feel like it’s dragging on and on. Instead, limit your selection to the best examples of your work that showcase not only your skills and creative vision, but also your area of specialization. There’s no need include examples of wedding photography if you’re trying to brand yourself as a high-end fashion photography!

Keep Your Navigation Simple | Easy Photography Website Tips

Your website’s navigation bar is one of the most vital elements that can make or break your first impression. A recent study found that the short term memory can hold only seven items, so don’t clutter your navigation bar with too many links and force your visitors to hunt for the link they’re looking for. Instead, feature only the links to the most important pages in the navigation bar, and tuck away other links in a secondary navigation like a sidebar, or even in the footer. This way, your visitors will get from one page to another more easily and they’ bee able to focus on your work instead of trying to figure out how to use your website!

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Easy Photography Website Tips | Spruce Up Your Photography Website ...

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices | Easy Photography Website Tips

The number of people using mobile devices to access the Internet keeps growing each day, so you’ll want to make sure your website is just as effective, no matter the device a visitor is using to view it. This is why we make sure all of the websites we create for our clients are responsive and fully optimized for mobile devices. But it’s not just us – even Google tweaked their algorithms to give better rankings to responsive websites, so it will affect not only user experience, but also your search engine rankings.

Easy Photography Website Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Limit The Number Of Choices | Easy Photography Website Tips

You’re setting up a website to showcase your photography, but that’s definitely not the only reason. You also have other things in mind, whether it’s getting more clients, growing the number of newsletter subscribers, or getting more people to follow you on social media. The best way to achieve any of those goals is by creating a call to action – whether it’s a button, a link, or some text. However, you need to be very strategic, because your visitors might get overwhelm when faced with too many options. Yes, choice paralysis is a thing in web design as well, not just in shopping.

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