Effective Branding Hacks | The Lazy Photographer’s Guide To Building An Epic Brand

Effective Branding Hacks | The Lazy Photographer's Guide To Building A...

Effective Branding Hacks | It’s weekend. A week packed with an endless session of gigs is behind you, so you just want to kick back. Catch up with your reality shows. Maybe pour yourself a glass of wine. But then you remember you have a wedding tomorrow to shoot. There goes your second glass of wine if you want to have a fighting chance of surviving the wedding. Plus, you noticed business hit plateau a few months ago, so you really need to jumpstart it. Ugh! Running your own photography business isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it?

Effective Branding Hacks | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Taking stunning photos will get you only so far. In order to turn your love for photography into a profitable business, your business skills need to be just as strong. This, of course, includes your branding wizardry! However, building a strong brand that helps you get noticed can feel like a real challenge if you dive in headfirst without doing any prep work. This is why we put together a short guide to building a ridiculously effective photography brand without breaking your budget – or losing your mind. Got your glass of wine ready? Good! Let’s start with the guide!

What’s In A Name? | Effective Branding Hacks

One of the most important things you need to sort out when starting a business is the name. If you’re just starting out, take some time to think about the name you’ll be able to live with for as long as you’re in business. Not only does it take quite a lot of paperwork to change the name of your business later on, but it can also do more damage than you think! You’ll spend considerable amounts of time and money on building awareness, and changing the name of your photography business will make all your efforts pretty much useless.

Effective Branding Hacks | The Lazy Photographer's Guide To Building A...

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So, what can you do to make sure you get it right from the get-go? There are actually two different options. If you’ve been doing photography for some time now, and you built an online following, you should keep using your own name for the name of your photography business to keep the momentum. If you’re just starting out, you can either use your own name of come up with a unique name. Either way will work just fine, just make sure you won’t change your mind later on.

Know Yourself! | Effective Branding Hacks

We’re not going to lie, turning a photography business into a wild success story can be a real challenge. The equipment has never been more affordable, and pretty much anyone with some extra cash on their hands can get their hands on some gear, register a photography business, and start marketing their services. In fact, the photography industry is becoming an increasingly saturated one, and standing out from the crowd has never been more difficult. It’s your job to answer the most important question: why should a potential client care about your business?

There are many photographers out there, and if you don’t answer that question right off the bat, your potential client might move onto the next photographer without giving you a second thought. What is it that you do that makes you unique? What can you offer to your potential clients that no other photographer can offer? Once you figure out what makes you different, building a unique brand that accurately represents everything you stand for will be a lot easier.

Come Up With A Voice | Effective Branding Hacks

Your unique selling point and message are important, don’t get us wrong, but don’t overlook the importance of the way you deliver that message – namely your voice. We’re talking about the language and the tone you use to engage your potential and existing clients. Is your brand laid back or formal? Modern or classic? Family-oriented or are you targeting high-school students? The voice you use needs to be appropriate for your brand, and it needs to appeal to your target audience. But most importantly, it needs to be consistent.

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Effective Branding Hacks | The Lazy Photographer's Guide To Building A...

There are many photographers that use a laid back tone of voice on social media, believing it’s appropriate, because younger crowds are attracted to social networks. On their websites, however, they use a totally formal tone of voice, thinking that it makes them sound more established and reliable. Quite the opposite is true, though – it only confuses their potential clients and makes them sound less authentic, which is definitely not something you want associated with your brand. From your social media content and your website copy, to the way you greet clients in person, you should use the same voice to ensure consistency and avoid sounding fake!

Effective Branding Hacks | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Your Visual Identity Goes Beyond Your Logo | Effective Branding Hacks

Another aspect of your brand that thrives on consistency is your visual identity, and the best way to ensure consistency is to come up with branding guidelines as soon as you start building your brand. For example, each time we design a logo for a client, we design a logo for a client, we put together a short document and include all the colors we used in the logo, as well as the fonts, and even style of graphics. This way, our clients can use the same color scheme throughout their branded materials, both online and off, as well as the same font family. The result is a cohesive package – even if a potential client lays down all the materials next to each other, all the items will look and feel like they came from the same source.

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