Effective Brochure Design Tips | Take The 5 Minute Brochure Design Trash Test

Effective Brochure Design Tips | Take The 5 Minute Brochu...

Effective Brochure Design Tips | Yes, you can put together a decent printed product. But do you know how to make a brochure that truly dazzles? Every great brochure includes appealing design elements to grab the attention of the target audience. Good brochures motivate your potential clients to delve deeper into the content by reading further about a topic or getting your contact information. Brochures also support other advertising, like direct mail, online advertisements, and can be used as a powerful sales tool. In short, a good brochure sells.

Effective Brochure Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

People expect a “real” business to have printed sales materials. It’s easy to afford spending $60 on business cards, letterhead etc. and call yourself an established enterprise. But if you want to look like you mean business, you need a brochure of some sort. So why would anyone cut corners on something so critical? When designing and printing brochures, keep in mind these questions to help streamline the design process.

Does It Speak To Your Target Audience? | Effective Brochure Design Tips

Before you spend any time planning a brochure, make sure you understand your target audience. Why would they want to do business with you? What’s the most crucial thing you can do for them? First of all, you have to determine who your potential clients are and what kind of information they are looking for in a brochure. Once you identify your potential clients, you can decide what to include in your brochure so that it can draw your reader’s attention. Your brochure should answer the questions your potential clients might have in a logical sequence following their train of thought.

Effective Brochure Design Tips | Take The 5 Minute Brochu...

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Is It Well-Organized? | Effective Brochure Design Tips

Even if you grab your client’s attention with an appealing design, they won’t want to wade through long, dense paragraphs. People want to get to the point — and fast. A good way to organize your points is to write down the questions you think a potential client might have, and the answers your brochure might supply. Use large, clean headlines in a sans serif font, and put larger chunks of text in a serif font. Bullet points are a great way to emphasize crucial ideas without taking up a lot of space, and you’re not limited to bland black dots — try making a neat, relevant graphic to use as your bullet points.

Does It Have An Attention-Grabbing Cover? | Effective Brochure Design Tips

Chances are your potential clients have very short attention spans. If your brochure cover doesn’t instantly catch their eye and spark their interest, they won’t open and read the rest of the brochure. Remember that the front of your brochures and flyers is the first thing your readers see, so make them unique, bold and interesting enough to motivate potential clients to pick them up. You can achieve this through bold colors, thought-provoking images and stunning word-play.

Does It Include A Powerful Call To Action? | Effective Brochure Design Tips

The primary goal of a brochure is to move people to the next phase of the sales cycle. Do you want them to visit your website? Pick up the phone and call for a free estimate? Contact you via email to get a downloadable white paper? After you interest the reader in what you sell, you have to take the next step: tell them what they have to do to get it. Don’t just assume they’ll look for your phone number and call or visit your website. Keep your words in the active voice, avoiding passive voice. Tell the reader to order now, call now or log on to the website. Make sure they know you want them to interact with you.

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Effective Brochure Design Tips | Take The 5 Minute Brochu...

Is The Content Compelling Enough? | Effective Brochure Design Tips

You care more about your business than your potential clients do; they aren’t interested in a detailed history of your company. Instead, they want to know how your product or service can help them save time, lower costs, get more sales, or run their business more effectively. Whether you’re writing the text or it’s coming from a professional copywriter, make sure to highlight power words and phrases that grab the attention of clients. This could include the following: New, Free, Save, Now, Easy, Proven, Amazing, Love, or Discovery.

Effective Brochure Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Does It Offer Incentives? | Effective Brochure Design Tips

Let them know the specials. If you have any specials or discounts, make that prominent in your flyer. It’s added incentive for the consumer to get in touch sooner rather than later. Some of the more common offers to get customers to buy now are special discounts that are only valid before a specific date, a free gift for purchases before a specific date, and rebates for purchase by a specific date.

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