Effective Brochure Design | Double The Effectiveness Of Your Company Brochure! Easy Design Tips That Work

Effective Brochure Design | Double The Effectiveness Of Your

Effective Brochure Design | As hard as you may try, you can only be at one place at a time. Your business brochure, however, can be in many places, helping you reach out to potential and existing clients. The fact is, as many as 21% of Americans have never visited a website, sent an email or used a search engine. Many more use the Internet infrequently. For these consumers, online browsing requires dusting off and booting a PC and coming up with the correct search terms, so printed brochures are a sure-fire way to promote your business and reach these customers.

Effective Brochure Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Brochures serve up crucial information about a new product or service, provide insight into your business and give potential clients something tangible to see, feel and take with them. Marketing brochures are basically your portable salespeople. They ride along in cars, purses, and briefcases to be referenced and shared with people along their travels. Each time they get pulled out they promote your brand and business. What makes your brochure stand out from the rest of the crowd? How do you compete against the other brochures lining up right beside yours?

Know Your Purpose Before You Start | Effective Brochure Design

Understand the specific goal of your brochure. Is it to get new clients in the door? To attract mail or online orders? To improve your influence in the business community? When you’re thinking about how to design a brochure, start by asking yourself why you think you require a brochure. It is important to be clear about the type of brochure you are designing and the message you want readers to take away. This will affect the overall design of your brochure. It will determine how text and images are used as well as the size the brochure has to be.

Effective Brochure Design | Double The Effectiveness Of Your

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A Good Headline Is Key | Effective Brochure Design

Known as the “Shelf Shout,” the top 3 inches of your brochure are what people see when your brochure is in the stand. If they don’t make an impression and grab the attention of passers by, that is all they will ever see of what you have to offer. The headline on the front of your brochure should always include the interests and pressing problems of your targeted audience, and be followed by the solutions you can offer. Why bother taking the time to design a great brochure if your audience only reads the front and then discards it?

Make It Stand Out From The Crowd | Effective Brochure Design

Make sure the brochure or flyer is appealing and eye-catching, particularly if the clients will be responsible for picking it up themselves. You can accomplish this through bold colors, thought-provoking images and stunning word-play. This is crucial. Your brochure design should be original and unique so that people could easily recognize it with one glance. Think of a design that will stand out and outshine the rest. The front cover should be visually appealing and provide enough content to invite the reader to open the piece and read more. Many companies simply rely on the logo, company name, a great “tag line” that sums up their products and services.

Don’t Be Hard To Follow | Effective Brochure Design

Poor layouts and overdone designs can make your brochure hard to read and information hard to prioritize. Help potential clients see what’s important by structuring your information in a clean, organized layout that doesn’t overdo images, graphics, text or detail. You have to communicate your message with immediacy, brevity and clarity. The text should not be in bulky paragraphs; you need short, sharp statements, bullet points and bold headings.

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Effective Brochure Design | Double The Effectiveness Of Your

Tell Them What To Do | Effective Brochure Design

Since brochures will land into the hands of the potential clients, do not forget to ask the clients to take action. Don’t assume your audience will be moved to contact you or buy your product after they read your well-crafted brochure. An effective brochure should include a call to action, such as an offer for a free product sample or a free estimate or gift. Your brochure will be pointless if you do not have this call for the clients to do something in response to the information they received through the brochure.

Effective Brochure Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Shoot Sharp | Effective Brochure Design

To make a product brochure pleasurable to flick through, you need good photos. You do not want to use low resolution stock photos or clip art. If you’re using stock imagery – budgets don’t always stretch to a photoshoot – try to find pictures that don’t look like they’re stock images. Never cut corners with images.

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