Effective Business Cards | How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Effective Business Cards | How to Take Your Business to the Next...

Effective Business Cards | It is one of the most efficient ways of letting your potential customers know about you without talking to you. You don’t need to use your marketing skills in speaking with them to show them what you and your business can offer. May be those customers might just not need you at this time but tomorrow they could. Usually, you give your business card to prospects and customers so they have your information should they need contacting you. You can put your business card inside of presentation folders, drop it in letters, and use it in a myriad of other ways to let people know who you are and what you have to offer. A crucial element of the elevator pitch and integral to on-the-ground networking, a simple business card is the key to increasing both yours and your business’ reputation.

There are some basic methods you can consider to make sure your cards can carry all that weight.

Effective Business Cards | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Choose a Proper Quality Stock | Effective Business Cards

As a general rule, you should pick thick paper stock, but since thickness will not make a big difference in some instances, you should consider your actual requirements before making your choice to keep your costs low. Business card paper can be glossy, matte, textured and regular. If you have a photo image on the card, use glossy paper. Such paper may cost twice as much as regular paper, but the quality will be outstanding on an inkjet printer. Use textured paper to add unique look to your business cards. When you choose business card paper, remember that you are not just choosing what your clients see or feel, you are choosing what sort of effect you have on the environment. That’s why most business card printing companies now offer the eco-friendly methods of choosing recycled or partially recycled paper.

Effective Business Cards | How to Take Your Business to the Next...

Include a Professional Business Logo | Effective Business Cards

Logos are essential and have a new meaning in marketing because they communicate consistency. The smallest of businesses get logos that have the ability to project and create a consistent trade image since it implies that the business will deliver a consistent customer experience. A well-designed logo can increase the business success, while a substandard logo can imply amateurishness and turn off potential buyers. Engage a professional designer to create your business logo. If you provide products or services that can be represented with a symbol, the logo should symbolize that product or service in certain kind of way.

Make it Easy to Read | Effective Business Cards

If you use fonts that are complicated, the viewer or the card reader will not be able to understand the text on your business cards. This can make your business card either useless for a customer, or it will at least make them do a lot more work. If someone can’t read your card easily, they’ll likely throw it away. Many people are using card scanners and unusual sizes, fancy fonts and lots of background colors just don’t scan well. Anything that makes it difficult for someone to use your card makes it less likely they’ll keep it and refer your services to someone.

Effective Business Cards | How to Take Your Business to the Next...

Effective Business Cards | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Choose the Best Print Quality | Effective Business Cards

Don’t save on high print quality. A professional business should look professional. Low print quality can be hazardous for the look and ‘feel’ of the business card. Don’t let a high quality product or service be let down by using a low quality printing job.

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