Effective Business Stationery Ideas | 6 Design Tips For More Effective Business Stationery You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Effective Business Stationery Ideas | 6 Design Tips For More Effect...

Effective Business Stationery Ideas | Even the owners of the smallest businesses have realized the importance of effective branding. After all, standing out has never been more important than in today’s crowded market packed with small businesses just like yours! In addition to an excellent product or service, you’ll also need to build a memorable identity for your business that goes beyond the logo. Needless to say, this identity will include your online presence, from your website to the social media accounts you use to promote your business, but it will also trickle down to the stationery items you use.

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Although you might believe that the business card, letterhead and envelopes are a minor part of your brand, they should reflect the image that you want your business to project, as they’ll help your potential clients form their initial impression of your company. To help you set up a stationery package that not only helps you communicate your message, but also portrays your company as a reliable and established business, we gathered some of the most important design tips that will turn your stationery into a powerful marketing tool! Let’s dive right in!

Cover The Basics | Effective Business Stationery Ideas

As the face of your business, and the backbone of your entire brand, your logo will have to not only represent your business, but also appeal to your target audience. If you haven’t already had a logo professionally designed, you’ll need to take care of it before you kick off the design of your stationery package. Your logo is the sole element that will tie together all of your branded materials, both online and offline. For something that important, it’s best to hire a professional instead of handing it over to an “artsy” neighbor.

Effective Business Stationery Ideas | 6 Design Tips For More Effect...

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Define Your Branding Guidelines | Effective Business Stationery Ideas

Once you have the logo for your business, you can then move on to the next stage, which is defining your branding guidelines. This is more important than many business owners realize – it will keep all of your materials cohesive and consistent. So, where do you start? First you’ll want to define the colors that are associated to your brand and work well with your logo. You’ll also want to define the fonts used in your materials, as well as any brand-oriented words.

This way, even if you have a large team, everyone will be on the same page, and when you lay down all of your materials on a desk, they will look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source, even if they’ve been created by different employees on the go. You’d be surprised how consistent usage of brand colors can turn your materials into a memorable visual experience.

Fonts Can Make Or Break Your Stationery | Effective Business Stationery Ideas

At the end of the day, the main purpose of business stationery is to enable you to communicate your message, whether it’s online or offline. From your website, to the envelopes and business cards, you’ll want to make sure you’re using fonts that are easy to read. Don’t try to stand out by using complex calligraphic fonts – this will only frustrate your potential clients and your stationery is more likely to end up in the trash can than anything else.

Instead, find a font that not only matches the nature of your brand, but is also easy to read, and use it in a size large enough to be comfortably read without using a magnifying glass. And lastly, when it comes to readability, you’ll also want to make sure the color of the font stands out against the background – for example, using a light gray font on a white background will turn your information into illegible smudge, which beats the entire purpose of setting up your stationery.

White Space Is Your Friend | Effective Business Stationery Ideas

Having stationery items designed and printed can get expensive, depending on your requirements and the actual design, so most business owners try and pack the stationery with as many details as possible. Hey, you’re paying for it, so you might take the full advantage of it, right? Well, empty space, also called white space, can actually be an important design element. It will not only break up long paragraphs of text, but it can also emphasize the important elements and make your message stand out. At the end of the day, your stationery is the delivery mechanism for your message, so make sure it doesn’t overshadow the actual point of sending it out in the first place.

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Effective Business Stationery Ideas | 6 Design Tips For More Effect...

Link Your Digital And Physical Materials | Effective Business Stationery Ideas

Just because we’ve been using pretty much the same stationery items for years now, it doesn’t mean they haven’t been quietly evolving! Thanks to the technological advancements and the price drops, pretty much everyone carries a smartphone nowadays, so why not put them to a good use? Including a QR code on your stationery is a good idea, as they can be customized to perfectly fit your brand, and they can be incredibly powerful tools, allowing you to do pretty much anything, from adding your contact details into potential client’s phone to actually taking them directly to your website.

Effective Business Stationery Ideas | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Invest In High Quality Materials | Effective Business Stationery Ideas

It’s vitally important that you use only the best paper and other materials for your professional correspondence your budget will allow. A potential client will definitely notice the difference between standard paper and thick, glossy, high-quality paper stocks. This seemingly small detail can be enough to change the perception of your business in the mind of your potential clients.

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