Effective Marketing Collateral Advice | If Your Logo Is The Face Of Your Business, Your Marketing Collateral Is Its Clothes! Here’s How To Dress It Up

Effective Marketing Collateral Advice | If Your Logo Is The ...

Effective Marketing Collateral Advice | There’s no denying the importance of building a strong brand for your business, regardless of the industry you’re in, or how big or small your business is. However, what many business owners often get wrong is what branding actually is. If you think it’s just your logo and a witty slogan, you’re up for a rude awakening. The logo is the backbone of your brand, sure, but there’s a lot more to it.

Effective Marketing Collateral Advice | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

It’s often said that the logo is the face of the business, a graphical representation of the nature of the brand it stands for. Your brand, on the other hand is what your business is all about, how you engage your potential clients, the tone of voice you use, what your website looks like, and even the clothes you wear to a meeting. You will want to pay as much attention to your marketing collateral as you do to the way you dress for a meeting – after all, it is a delivery mechanism for your message. Here’s what you need to know to get your message heard!

What’s Your Message? | Effective Marketing Collateral Advice

Before you begin brainstorming and sketching your ideas, you need to make sure you know what you want to communicate to your potential clients. In other words, you will want to prepare the content first, and only when it’s ready, move on to design the appropriate collateral. This way, the entire process will be a lot more streamlined, and you’ll be able to focus on design only, instead of scrambling to get everything ready in time for your marketing campaign. More importantly, you’ll know which marketing collateral you’ll need.

Effective Marketing Collateral Advice | If Your Logo Is The ...

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Revise Your Current Materials | Effective Marketing Collateral Advice

Chances are, you already have some marketing collateral lying around, or templates you created for your previous marketing campaign, so go back and take a look at everything to see if there are elements that can be used or at least improved for the next campaign. This will not only make your life a lot easier, because you won’t have to design everything from scratch, but it will also maintain consistency throughout your company’s life cycle.

Create A Design Guideline | Effective Marketing Collateral Advice

It doesn’t matter if you’re designing your own collateral, or you’re hiring a professional agency to do it for you, having a clearly defined design guide will ensure consistency throughout your marketing materials. The design guideline is the document that will outline the colors associated with your brand, as well as the fonts and different brand-oriented words, but it will also govern the use each of these elements, so everyone will be on the same page, even if your team has a lot of members.

Prepare Different Versions Of Your Logo | Effective Marketing Collateral Advice

Your logo will have to be adaptable to pretty much any environment and material – whether it’s online or off, printed on a business card or a roadside billboard, which is why we’ve been preparing different versions of the logos we create for our clients for years now. Keep in mind that you’ll use your logo in a single color, as well as in black and white. If your logo relies on color to convey a meaning or communicate a message, you need to find a way to communicate the same message even when the color is removed.

Ensure Readability | Effective Marketing Collateral Advice

While you do want to make sure your marketing collateral stands out from even the largest pile, you’ll also want to make sure you’re not doing it at the expense of functionality! At the end of the day, your marketing collateral is a delivery mechanism for your message – whether the message is just your contact details or a detailed sales proposition. If you use fonts that are too complex or small to be comfortably read, your potential clients won’t strain their eyes and try too hard to decipher your message – which may end up with your marketing collateral in the trash the moment the meeting is over.

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Effective Marketing Collateral Advice | If Your Logo Is The ...

Integrate Physical And Digital | Effective Marketing Collateral Advice

Just because the print isn’t dead, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t evolved. It’s always a great idea to blur the line between your printed and digital materials by including your website’s URL, Twitter handle or even QR codes. QR codes are the neat little designs that can do pretty much anything once they’re scanned. Think about it – you can’t fit every piece of information about your new product on your business card. However, you can include a QR code that leads your potential clients to the demo page when scanned.

Effective Marketing Collateral Advice | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Invest In High-Quality Materials | Effective Marketing Collateral Advice

Your logo is important. So is your message. However, your very first impression won’t be made by any of these – it will be made by the paper you use for your collateral. Humans are tactile beings – which means your potential clients will start forming an opinion about your business the moment they pick up the envelope and feel the texture of the paper with their fingers. No one likes a limp handshake, so why would anyone be drawn to marketing materials printed on limp paper?

I’ts Easier Than You Think | Effective Marketing Collateral Advice

Creating effective and consistent marketing collateral might sound like a real pain in the neck, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you go into the project with some preparation and foresight, and keep the following things in your mind: your message, your brand, your materials.

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