Effective Photography Business Cards | Business Cards Still Matter In The Digital Age – Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Designing One

Effective Photography Business Cards | Business Cards Still Matter...

Effective Photography Business Cards | Despite being physically one of the smallest business tools, business cards can be the critical difference between a lost sale and a loyal client for life. That’s right, even in our digital age! Even though we all carry smartphones around and have at least one social media profile set up, the demise of the business card has been greatly exaggerated. With all the digital communication tools we have at our disposal, how come the business card still remains the backbone of business communication? And should you even care?

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The short answer is a resounding “Yes!” While everyone talks about bumping phones together, using apps to pass information – the truth is that the business card still has plenty of life left in it. Also, because they’re often handed out to potential clients and business partners, they will help you leave a favorable and lasting impression long before a potential client checks out your website. High-quality business cards enhance your profile, increase your perceived value and set the tone for what it’s going to be like to do business with you. Yet, you’d be surprised how many small business owners decide to cut corners and opt for a cheap template they stumbled upon online.

First Impressions Matter More Than You Think! | Effective Photography Business Cards

They don’t say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression for nothing. And if you don’t believe us, just think about some of the decisions you’ve made in your own life. Have you ever rented a movie because of the cover art? Judged the quality of a book by its cover? Have you ever eaten at a restaurant just because it looks the part? Your potential clients will start forming an opinion of you and your business the moment you hand out your card, so make sure it leaves the impression you’re hoping for. Are you a luxurious brand? Or are you an all-organic brand targeting budget-conscious customers? Make sure your business card matches it!

Effective Photography Business Cards | Business Cards Still Matter...

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Don’t Overlook The Functionality | Effective Photography Business Cards

While the overall look and feel is critical for the first impression your business card makes, you’ll also want to sort out the basic – the primary purpose of designing a business card is providing your potential clients and business partners with the most important contact details. However, don’t go overboard and paste absolutely even detail – there’s a thin line between including important details and cluttering the card with irrelevant information. For example, if you haven’t received a fax in months, maybe it’s a better idea to leave the number off your card.

So, what’s most important? You’ll definitely need to include your name, and the name of your business. Having a phone number and an email address is also pretty crucial. Consider including your website’s URL, and even social media links if you use those platforms to promote the services and products you’re providing. Whatever information you choose to include, make sure you check and then double-check every detail – the last thing you want is to notice a typo or an outdated phone number you no longer use after you had hundreds of cards printed.

Pay Attention To Colors | Effective Photography Business Cards

Everything on a business card makes a statement about who you are and what it’s like to do business with you. What kind of colors did you use and what can they say about you or your product? Remember, each color has a meaning, so you’ll want to do your research, otherwise you might end up communicating a wrong message because of a simple brush stroke. Also, while using color can help your business card stand out from a pile and grab the attention, you’ll want to limit your selection to 2-3 colors, because using too many colors will affect the printing costs, but might also distract from the contact details featured on the card!

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Effective Photography Business Cards | Business Cards Still Matter...

Invest In A Good Paper Stock | Effective Photography Business Cards

The design can make or break your first impression, but don’t overlook the importance of the paper stock you use for your business card! Think about it – no one likes a limp handshake, so what impression will leave a limp business card that gets dented or torn easily? Humans are tactile beings, so having a sturdy card will help you engage more senses and leave an impression of a reliable, successful business owner. Even in the digital realm where the big shots flood the proverbial yard with advertising, social media and tons of online content, well-designed business cards to something that data can’t: they will provide your potential clients with something physical and tangible that says “This is me and this is what I’m capable of.”

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Business cards are incredibly portable, and they can go wherever you go, which makes them a vitally important mobile marketing tool if your business requires you to travel frequently. If you attend industry trade shows or business conventions on a regular basis, for example, business cards can boost the entire process of building and maintaining contact base that can lead to future business opportunities. At the end of the day, professionally designed business cards make you more competitive. Especially if you’re the owner of a business with competitors who are bigger and who have more resources; business cards provide you with a cost effective way to help you stand out and make a unique statement in the marketplace.

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