Effective Photography Logos | Design Matters: Choose The Right Logo For Your Photography Business!

Effective Photography Logos | Design Matters: Choose The...

Effective Photography Logos | Just as other industries, the photography industry has thousands of competitive business owners who need to stand out from the crowd in order to grow their business. So if you are a photographer who wants to do well, then, besides great skills and talent, you need to have a powerful branding strategy. When it comes to the photography business, your brand is pretty much everything that represents you or your company, including the way you dress, your website, the paper used for your price sheets, and even the way you answer the phone. All of these are represented by one simple graphic: your logo.

Effective Photography Logos | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

A logo is the main symbol of a business, and it is the backbone of a brand. Everyone thinks they can create an effective logo, but simply knowing your way around Photoshop is far from being enough. Your clients are looking for a photographer with tons of experience and expertise, and they get their first impression by taking a look at your photography business logo. Here are some insights into the process and workflow of powerful and modern logo design. These tips combined with your creativity will help your logo design stand out and leave a memorable impression.

Keep It Simple | Effective Photography Logos

Your logo has to represent your business, so it is crucial to make sure it effectively and quickly conveys the nature and style of your business. Many of the world’s most recognized logos are, above all else, simple. A complicated logo with swirls, shadows, lines and complex circles will only clutter your logo and thus, your brand. You will know you designed an effective logo only when someone can glance at it and get an instant sense of the nature of your business and your values.

Effective Photography Logos | Design Matters: Choose The...

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Make It Unique | Effective Photography Logos

A good logo should be memorable. You want people to recognize it and associate it with your brand whenever they see it. This is why it has to be visually appealing and unique. Make sure that your logo does not look like your competitors’ logos, because imitating or ripping of a design will leave a bad impression on your potential clients. So, right from the design elements such as the fonts, colors and icons or images to the overall design, your logo has to stand out in the market for all the right reasons. Look at the colors, shapes and other visual styles used by your competitors, and then design something truly unique.

Maintain Versatility | Effective Photography Logos

In addition to being simple and memorable, your photography logo has to be fully functional. Keep in mind that you will use it on marketing materials, on your website, business cards, letterhead, and you will need it in different sizes and colors. This is why a good logo should always simple and versatile. You should be able to print it in one color, print it on a business card, use it on a billboard, and place it on a light background or on a dark background without affecting the effectiveness.

Design In Black First | Effective Photography Logos

You logo will need to look great not only in the simple colors you used in its design, but also in black and white for faxed or copied materials. One way to design a logo is to begin designing in black and white. This enables you to focus on the idea and shape, rather than color, which is subjective in nature and can distract from the design itself. Also keep in mind printing costs: the more colors you use, the more expensive it will be for the business over the long term.

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Effective Photography Logos | Design Matters: Choose The...

Find The Right Font | Effective Photography Logos

Words that form a part of a logo are just as crucial as the visual elements. A lot of beginners will use any old font for a logo. However, fonts, style, and even the case in a logo can drastically affect the message you’re trying to communicate with your logo. How you position the logo should be appropriate for your target audience and your industry. For example, a child-like font and color scheme would be appropriate for a logo for a newborn photography business, not so much for a wedding photographer.

Effective Photography Logos | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Don’t Follow Trends | Effective Photography Logos

Leave trends to the fashion industry. Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about buying a new pair of jeans or getting a new shirt, that’s fine, but when your business identity is concerned, longevity is key. Why not use a design that you actually created yourself rather than doing what everyone else is doing? Trends tend to get stale quickly, leaving trendy logos outdated, while a well-designed logo is almost timeless. Will your logo endure the test of time? Will it still be appropriate in 10, 20 or 50 years? Don’t follow the pack. Stand out.

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