Effective Web Page Design | Tips For Designing A Stunning Website: What’s New, What’s Out, What Makes Sense For YOU

Effective Web Page Design | Tips For Designing A Stunning...

Effective Web Page Design | Designing a website for your business is a lot like painting a masterpiece. You content is like the paint, and the Internet is your canvas. The main goal of a well-planned web design project is to create a unique experience that’s unlike anything out there in order to make the visitors return to your website time and again. The secret to a great web page design is actually incredibly simple: you have to understand the universal rules of good design and follow them all the time.

Effective Web Page Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

There aren’t any magic pills to design a great web page that everyone will visit again and again, but there are things you can do to help. Anyone who uses the Internet daily knows what they like in a website, and what they don’t like. Your favorite websites are generally easy to navigate and offer the information, products or services you need in a quick and simple way. The tips in this post will help you improve your pages and make them something your visitors are interested in reading and passing on to others.

Your Pages Need Great Navigation | Effective Web Page Design

If your visitors can’t get around on the page or on the website they won’t stick around for long. Case study after case study has shown that designing a website that’s easy to navigate boosts its effectiveness. If your potential clients can’t find the products they’re looking for, how are they supposed to make a purchase? You should have navigation on your web pages that is clear, direct, and easy to use. So instead of placing links to less important pages that take the attention away from your call to action or primary information at the top of your home or landing pages, tuck them away at the bottom of a page in the footer.

Effective Web Page Design | Tips For Designing A Stunning...

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Become A Speed Freak | Effective Web Page Design

If you do nothing else to boost your website, you should make them load as quickly as possible. One of the main reasons behind long loading time is a heavy web page. You have to get rid of all that adds no value to your website. Remember, the smaller a web page is, the quicker it will load. Are most of the pages of your website too long? Then they are sure to take a bit of time to load. Moreover, the attention span of most people these days is pretty short, which means that having multiple pages with fewer information will drastically help to cater to these people perfectly.

Find The Right Colors | Effective Web Page Design

Using a mostly neutral color palette can help your website convey an elegant, clean and modern appearance. Using small dashes of color for headlines or calls to action helps guide visitors to your most critical content. The colors for your website should convey your company’s personality, and match other branded materials as well. If you sell automotive accessories to mechanics, for instance, pastel colors might not be the wisest choice. Sporty red, silver, black, and blue are colors typically associated with cars, so these should be high on the list of color choices for your website.

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Effective Web Page Design | Tips For Designing A Stunning...

Make It Readable | Effective Web Page Design

Make sure your colors work together. For instance: using light gray colored text on a white background will either leave your website visitors with a headache or make them give up on your website entirely and move on. The color of your text should, in almost all cases, be black. However, text can be white with a dark background, which is often called reverse text. Another thing worth mentioning: don’t use fonts that are too small. While it might look cute, it’s just not useful. Make sure your readers won’t need a superhuman vision to figure out your message.

Effective Web Page Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Forget Flash | Effective Web Page Design

This tip may be against your natural instinct, but keep images, flash, and java scripts to a bare minimum. While it is a great idea to boost the visual appeal of your website, you don’t want to slow down the viewing process with unnecessary bells and whistles. Thanks in part to the ongoing dispute between Adobe and Apple, the days of Flash as an Internet go-to solution are slowly coming to an end, so why stay on the bandwagon when there are other options that are much more user friendly? Think about it, what’s the use of a stunning website if no one with a device running iOS will be able to view your site?

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