Meet Our Latest Project: An Elegant Photography Logo Design For Jaime Faure

Meet Our Latest Project: An Elegant Photography Logo De...

What a better way to start the year than with a new, elegant photography logo design? We’re incredibly proud to introduce our latest project: a beautiful, sophisticated logo we designed for Jaime Faure, an exceptionally talented photographer and artist. Our goal was to come up with a design that would effectively convey her style of photography, as well as her creative and outgoing personality. Check it out!

Elegant Photography Logo | Website Design –

Simplicity Meets Elegance | Elegant Photography Logo

Jaime came to us when she decided to rebrand her photography business. After changing the name of her business, she needed a simple, yet elegant photography logo to represent her new brand. As she specializes in newborn, wedding and family photography, it was obvious from the get-go that the logo should be a soft, feminine design in order to match her style, as well as appeal to her clientele.

Meet Our Latest Project: An Elegant Photography Logo De...

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From An Initial Concept To The Finished Product | Elegant Photography Logo

Jaime’s initial input and her feedback guided the entire design process, and her creativity and receptiveness to new ideas made the project incredibly easy and enjoyable. After we sent her a couple of initial concepts, her detailed feedback enabled us to do the finishing touches on the one she liked the most and deliver the end-result: a gorgeous, powerful, yet tasteful and elegant photography logo.

Meet Our Latest Project: An Elegant Photography Logo De...

A Logo Uniquely True To The Brand | Elegant Photography Logo

Our initial concept for this elegant photography logo featured Jaime’s initials circled with flowers, an idea she really liked. Thanks to her feedback, we decided to replace daisies with roses, and add the name of her business below the main element of the design after some experimenting with fonts. We designed the logo in black, in order to achieve the maximum versatility. After making sure the logo delivers the same look and feel when printed or used as a watermark, we tested it in pink and gold as well, Jaime’s company colors.

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Meet Our Latest Project: An Elegant Photography Logo De...

Testimonial | Elegant Photography Logo

What we ended up was a stunningly beautiful, powerful, yet at the same time elegant photography logo that conveys Jaime’s new brand and her artistic skills. But you don’t have to take our word for it. This is what Jaime had to say about it:

Elegant Photography Logo | Website Design –

“I can not rave enough about my experience with Media Novak. From planning to conception they made the collaboration process so easy. I am so in love with my logo and I can’t wait to share it with the world during my rebranding process.”

– Jaime Faure, photographer

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