Essential Logo Design Guidelines | Rebranding In 2015? Here’s 5 Tips To Design A Logo That Stands Out

Essential Logo Design Guidelines | Rebranding In 2015? ...

Essential Logo Design Guidelines | Your logo is a visual representation of everything your business stands for. A great logo can build loyalty between your business and your clients, reinforce a brand identity, and provide the professional look and feel of an established enterprise. No wonder, then, that logo design plays such a vital role in the business industry. In an age where everyone must have a website to market their product, service or the company behind it, the demand for a top-class logo has never been higher.

Essential Logo Design Guidelines | Website Design –

Creating a logo is simple, right? Think again. Designing a logo for your small business can be a minefield, particularly if you’ve never done it before. There’s more to building a brand’s visual identity than just pasting a name in a random shape and calling it a day. There are countless people in the logo design industry today dishing out bad logos in bulk for crowd sourcing websites. How do you make sure your brand stands out from the crowd and design a quality logo that appeals to your target audience? Read on to find out.

Logotype Or Logo – What’s The Difference? | Essential Logo Design Guidelines

Well, not much. A logo type (or word mark), as you might have guessed, is based on text, usually a business name and displays the name in a stylistic way to make it visually tie in with the rest of the company’s branding. The logos of IBM, Microsoft and Sony, for example, use text treatments with a twist that makes them memorable. There are also abstract graphic symbols, such as Nike’s swoosh, that become linked to the brand and even a lifestyle. Startup businesses can rarely afford the millions of dollars and years of marketing required to create these associations, so a logo that includes the name of your business may be a better fit.

Essential Logo Design Guidelines | Rebranding In 2015? ...

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Coming Up With Ideas For A Logo | Essential Logo Design Guidelines

So where do you begin? Even if you plan to hand the task of designing your logo over to a professional designer, you will still have to give them a design brief so they can bring your vision to life. When coming up with a business logo, know your target audience, both who they are and what they expect from you. Ask yourself what you want your business logo to say about you. While it is helpful to stay up to date on design trends, it’s more vital to stay true to your brand’s personality. Should your logo emphasize power, health, speed, fun, tradition, flexibility, or connectivity? Any of these attributes (and many others) can be the central motif of a memorable design.

Color Is Key | Essential Logo Design Guidelines

One of the most essential considerations for logo design is the color palette. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, as color carries meanings and communicates ideas. Every color has a different meaning and can bring nuance to your message — don’t fall into the trap of communicating the wrong message because of a simple brush stroke. However, keep in mind that logos have to work in black and white as well as color. If your logo relies on color to convey meaning, think about how you can reflect that meaning when the color is removed.

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Essential Logo Design Guidelines | Rebranding In 2015? ...

Find The Right Font | Essential Logo Design Guidelines

Typography is obviously central to good logo. You have two main choices here: creating your own custom font or adapting an existing one. It’s not about just looking pretty: matching the qualities of the font to the qualities of your brand is what should be the goal here. Don’t be tempted to make your logo stand out by using gimmicky fonts. They’re the equivalent of typographic chintz and there’s a reason why most of them are free.

Essential Logo Design Guidelines | Website Design –

Don’t Use Clip Art | Essential Logo Design Guidelines

A logo is what helps distinguish a brand from its competitors, so it’s critical that the image stands out from the rest — something many business owners struggle with. However tempting it may be, clip art can be copied too easily. Not only will original art leave a more favorable impression about your business, but it’ll set your business apart from others. What’s important is to come up with something that you believe is different from anything already out there. The last thing you want from your logo is to have it mistaken for that of a competitor. When trying to avoid brand confusion, you need to consider the color, shape, symbolism, and flow of your design.

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