Essential Logo Design Rules | What Makes A Good Logo? Essential Rules To Follow When Designing A Logo

Essential Logo Design Rules | What Makes A Good Logo?

Essential Logo Design Rules | In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, building and maintaining a strong brand is more crucial than ever. A logo is undoubtedly the single most powerful visual symbol of the brand — that symbol must work extremely hard to connect with potential clients, and to be true to the brand. It works together with elements such as your website, business stationery, and other marketing efforts to set the tone for your business as a whole in the public arena. And while this sounds simple enough, many logos tend to overshoot or fall short.

Essential Logo Design Rules | Website Design –

A logo should represent everything about a business, from it’s commercial offering and positioning, to it’s personality and key messages. These elements should be represented by the logo’s shape, the fonts it uses, and it’s style and colors. That’s a whole lot of power for such a small piece of graphic design to hold all on its own. Fortunately, there are some essential logo design rules that guide the creation of effective logos, some of which we’ll cover in this post.

Differentiate | Essential Logo Design Rules

This is a principle of branding, but can also be applied to logo design. Know what the competition looks like and do something that’s unique — people remember things that stand out. A logo is a visual summary of the company it stands for, and it should never remind people of another brand or business. A good way to avoid this issue is by designing something interesting and fresh that will impress and be memorable to the demographic.

Essential Logo Design Rules | What Makes A Good Logo?

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Simplify | Essential Logo Design Rules

The more lines, shapes, stories, colors, and fonts you include in your logo, the more provincial you look. If being provincial is part of your brand, then feel free to break this rule. Otherwise: less is more. It’s tempting to use fancy graphic tricks like gradient fills, drop shadows, trendy fonts, and 3-D effects, but these tricks get dated quickly, and usually end up not looking great well across various mediums. The best logos are often the ones that aren’t too complicated, and don’t have to be explained. Take FedEx and Nike for example, they’re memorable yet simple logos and as a result they’re timeless.

Choose The Right Color | Essential Logo Design Rules

Color has the ability to convey meaning, and can offer immediate brand associations. It has the power connect emotionally, but can be highly subjective — while one person may LOVE yellow and orange, someone else may have a negative reaction because of past associations. Another thing you have to be careful of as you explore color options is the cost of printing. Your five-color logo may be beautiful, but once it comes time to print it on your stationery items, the price won’t be so attractive.

Select The Right Font | Essential Logo Design Rules

Choosing a font is just as critical as choosing colors when it comes to logo design. The wrong font can drastically change the message the logo is supposed to communicate. If your logo design includes text, either as part of the logo or in the tagline, you will have to spend time sorting through various font types — often, dozens of them — and testing them in your design before making a final decision. The correct font will set a tone for the brand, and be reflection of the company’s vision.

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Essential Logo Design Rules | What Makes A Good Logo?

Be Consistent | Essential Logo Design Rules

Establish standards that guide proper use of all logo variations. Use the logo consistently on everything you create, and use the correct logo for the specific application. Use it everywhere you can: on business cards, stationery, letterhead, marketing collateral, ads, your website, and any other place where you mention your company name. This will help build your image, boost your company’s visibility and, ideally, lead to more business.

Essential Logo Design Rules | Website Design –

Hire A Designer | Essential Logo Design Rules

While brainstorming logo ideas by yourself is a vital step in building your business image, trying to design a logo completely on your own is a mistake. Hiring a designer does require more of an investment, but the end result will be a logo with timeless beauty. If there is a limited budget, a company may attempt to create its own logo, but will not be able to capture the detail that a professional eye can bring to the project. A poorly designed logo can hurt a brand’s image. Using a designer is the best practice.

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