Essential Photography Website Elements | Show Your Brand’s True Colors With A Custom Photography Website That Will Get You Noticed And Booked Solid

Essential Photography Website Elements | Show Your Brand's True ...

Essential Photography Website Elements | Pretty much every business owner knows by now that having a professionally designed website is no longer optional, especially in saturated industries such as the photography industry. New photographers are joining the industry and starting their businesses on a daily basis, and photography Facebook pages are popping up like mushrooms after a rain, which means your website needs to stand out from an endless stream of content being generated each day to attract the market’s attention.

Essential Photography Website Elements | Website Design –

The great news is that with the right guidance and your creative vision you too can set up a website that not only showcases your work, but also communicates your unique selling point, reinforces your brand and allows you to establish yourself as a reliable industry expert! Whether you’re setting up your very first website, or you’re considering redesigning an existing one, read on to find out what it is that turns a website into a powerful marketing tool!

Show Your Creativity! | Essential Photography Website Elements

Most photographers are on rather limited budgets, especially when just starting out, so it’s not a surprise that everyone is looking for opportunities to cut corners and save money. This is why photographers decide to use cheap website templates they found online, and as a result, most photography websites out there look pretty much the same. How is your website supposed to stand out from the crowd and leave a memorable impression if it looks exactly like the websites of many other photographers in your area?

Essential Photography Website Elements | Show Your Brand's True ...

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You’re a part of a creative industry, and every element of your marketing strategy needs to show it! Instead of a generic template that has all the telltale signs of cheap and amateur design, make sure you’re using a custom design that compliments your works and matches your style and the nature of your brand! At the end of the day, if visitors see your site and think “Blah, I’ve seen this before!”, that critical first impression is lost!

Let Your Personality Shine! | Essential Photography Website Elements

You’d be amazed how many photographers use casual and friendly tone of voice when composing new tweets and Facebook updates, and turn into corporate robots when creating content for their website. Photographers hold a great deal of trust, and your website is a potential client’s first opportunity to get to know the real you. After all, photographers have access to the same equipment and same locations, so you need to use everything to build a unique identity in your area. And who knows, it might be the silly face you’re making in the About page pic that gets a potential client to choose you over another photographer.

You can also let your personality shine through blog posts. Don’t share only updates on the latest shoots with the name of the client and 5 random shots – instead, throw in some personal posts in there as well, as well as tips and tricks. By sharing bits and pieces about your personal life, what drives and motivates you, your potential clients will feel as if they already know you long before they reach out to you, which will make even the actual session a lot more enjoyable. We’re talking about your website, not a website of a faceless corporation, so make sure every element represents you!

Simplify Navigation | Essential Photography Website Elements

Keeping things simple is vitally important when it comes to web design. Think about it – you’re setting up a website to showcase your work, so the last thing you want is a tacky, flashy website that overshadows your work. Less is definitely more, because a simple, elegant design will push your work to the center of attention where it belongs! In addition to simplifying the overall design of your website, you’ll need to keep you navigation bar simple and intuitive as well. Don’t make it difficult for potential clients to get from one page to another – place the links to the most important pages at the top of a each page where people are used to finding them on each website they visit.

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Essential Photography Website Elements | Show Your Brand's True ...

Contact Page Can Make Or Break Your Website | Essential Photography Website Elements

Another thing you’d be amazed how many photographers get wrong – the contact details. They focus on setting up a unique, creative website and bury the contact details a few clicks away, or even completely overlook them. When a potential client views your work and decides to hire you, they need to be able to do it effortlessly, which is why you need to include the most important details, such as your phone number and email address in the footer or the header of each page. You can also include your social media links if you use social media to promote your services and the products you’re offering. To take it a step further, set up a separate contact page with all the other details your visitors might find useful, as well as a contact form that will allow them to reach out to you without leaving your website.

Essential Photography Website Elements | Website Design –

Keep It Fresh | Essential Photography Website Elements

Don’t set up a website and let it sit idly for years. Instead, make sure you’re updating the content on a regular basis. Every time you learn a new skill, or start providing a new service, make sure it’s represented on your website. And even if you don’t have any recent new content (maybe you haven’t done a photo project in a while), at least go ahead and rotate some of your homepage content, change things up, make it look fresh, otherwise your visitors might thing you’re out of business.

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