Expert Brochure Design Tips | Make Your Brochure Do Its Job: Design Your Own Brochure For Print

Expert Brochure Design Tips Make Your Brochure Do Its Job

Expert Brochure Design Tips | Marketing isn’’t about using just one medium. It’s about getting and keeping clients. Yes, Internet marketing can help you do that, but only if you use it in combination with other tactical tools. That’s one of the reasons why, in order to become successful, every business must have brochures and other forms of printed sales literature to hand out to clients and business partners. Not only do brochures let you showcase your business, your products, and your purpose, but they’re also a vital resource for targeting clients offline. The fact is, as many as 21% of Americans have never opened a website, sent an email, or used a search engine.

Expert Brochure Design Tips | Website Design –

Your potential clients won’t necessarily take the time to visit your website after an initial meeting. Since the brochure is right in front of them, it will often intrigue them to find out more about your company and then visit your website. If you’re planning to desing a brochure to boost sales or to announce a new product or service, you’re probably wondering what you can do to make sure your brochure gets a positive response. To connect with readers, every brochure requires following essential elements.

Defined Audience | Expert Brochure Design Tips

Who is your brochure for? What tone and style would appeal to them? It’s crucial that you know who you’re writing to, because you want to use the most appropriate language for the target audience and give them exactly what they want to know. Before you spend any time planning a design, make sure you understand your target audience. Why would they want to buy your product? What’s the most critical thing it can do for them? What is the most pressing problem your product or service can solve for them?

Expert Brochure Design Tips Make Your Brochure Do Its Job

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A Good Headline Is Key | Expert Brochure Design Tips

The headline on the front of your brochure should always include the interests and actual problems of your target audience, followed by the solutions you can offer. Keep in mind that the average reader takes less than 5 seconds to glance at the cover of a brochure and decide whether or not to read it. If your headline or graphics on the cover of your brochure are boring, few people will bother opening it. To get the attention of your target audience, combine a visually appealing design with an attention-grabbing headline that focuses on a powerful benefit for your potential clients.

Photography | Expert Brochure Design Tips

Good photography is vital to the success of any brochure. Try to provide your designer or printer with the best quality images at your disposal. Don’t put an image of your building on the cover of the brochure. Your clients really don’t care how proud you are of your business, or how big your building is. The only thing they care about is whether or not your services meet their needs. The best results are achieved from high-resolution digital images, nothing less than 300 dpi. The second choice for originals would be regular photographic prints. Using color negatives is strongly discouraged.

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Expert Brochure Design Tips Make Your Brochure Do Its Job

Contact Info | Expert Brochure Design Tips

Because a brochure is longer than a business card, it provides you with the opportunity to include more than just your phone number and email address. Instead of including only your usual social media handle for Twitter, for example, consider adding a link to your Yelp page. Add your Facebook or Google+ business page, if you have someone who watches those regularly, too. A QR code that takes people either to your product page or to a page to signup for your newsletter is yet another option to consider.

Expert Brochure Design Tips | Website Design –

Powerful Call To Action | Expert Brochure Design Tips

The main goal of a brochure is to move people to the next phase of the sales cycle. Do you want them to visit your website? Pick up the phone and schedule a session? Ask for action! If you want your reader to respond include an 800 number, reply card, or some form of response mechanism. In fact, to boost your brochure’s selling power you should include your offer and a response mechanism on every page. Don’t assume your audience will be moved to contact you or purchase your product or services after they read your well-crafted brochure. The call to action is the extra push that, for many readers, makes the difference between simply reading your brochure and acting upon it.

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