Expert Business Card Design | The Hidden Power Of The Business Card: 5 Tips For Effective Design

Expert Business Card Design | The Hidden Power Of The ...

Expert Business Card Design | Online networking has become a focal point for many entrepreneurs, but don’t be so quick to dismiss the importance of good old handshakes, conversation, and business cards. Despite being a small tool in a business owner’s arsenal, business cards can still have a huge impact on the success of your business or career even in today’s digital age. As business cards are often handed to potential clients and business partners, they can be a personalized form of marketing that gets you noticed. The impression your business cards leave, however, depends solely on how much effort you put into the design.

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Some people say business cards are dead. They say the likes of LinkedIn and other social networks, as well as contact management apps have rendered them obsolete. Those people are dead wrong. We all know how crucial first impressions are. In business, this first impression is often made by your business card. Your business card, however, won’t be the marketing workhorse it should be unless it looks and feels professional, is easy to read, and helps potential clients remember what you sell and why they should get it from you. Making all that happen on a piece of paper that is only 3.5 inches wide and 2 inches deep is a tall order. But it’s not impossible.

Keep It Simple | Expert Business Card Design

Business cards provide you with plenty of opportunity to build your brand – you just have to do it right. They’re usually just 3.5 x 2 inches, so you don’t have too much space to work with. Keeping the design clean and organized, and the business card effective, can be accomplished by making sure there is plenty of white space on the card. White space allows your eyes to rest and focuses your attention on what’s most important. Also, to keep the design clean, don’t make your logo too big, and don’t make the font too small to be comfortably read.

Expert Business Card Design | The Hidden Power Of The ...

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Who, What, Where, Why? | Expert Business Card Design

It may sound obvious, but the first (and most important!) thing to think about when creating your business card is the information you want to include. Think carefully about which contact details you need – you have to achieve a balance between providing enough points of contact, without making your card look cluttered. What’s most important? Your name definitely has to be there, along with the name of your business (via your logo), your phone number and your e-mail address.

Get Creative Within The Constraints | Expert Business Card Design

While using unusual materials for your card will definitely make it stand out, keep in mind the practicality of your chosen medium. People usually write additional information on business cards – such as where they got the card. If you want to, you can laminate only one side of your card. This will keep your card strong and sturdy to maintain your professional look, but will enable you or your potential client to write on the back, which increases the chances of them keeping the card.

Use Color To Reinforce Your Brand | Expert Business Card Design

It is vitally important that your business card is consistent with your other branded materials. This helps reinforce your brand, helping potential clients remember you and your company better. Add a splash of color you use throughout your branded materials. Colors can make a business card stand out, and look unique when used correctly. This strategy is often used by design and creative businesses, with the aim of appearing fresh, exciting and original. Right now, two-color cards predominate. If you’re choosing a color from a catalog, there are between five and 15 standard colors to choose from.

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Expert Business Card Design | The Hidden Power Of The ...

Have Your Business Cards Printed On Good Card-Stock | Expert Business Card Design

If you have skimped on the design and printing of your business card, what does that say about the quality of your services? If the card feels flimsy or looks like you printed it yourself on a home printer, it will leave your potential clients with the impression that they are dealing with a company that will disappear as soon as the owner finds a real job. Have your business card professionally printed on good heavyweight business card stock.

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Having a strong, yet simple and easy to read business card design will present you as someone who is professional, savvy and tasteful —someone that is enjoyable to do business with. So before you begin your quest for the perfect business card design, keep these five tips in mind: information, brand, size, paper and design.

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