Expert Marketing Collateral Advice | A Beginner’s Guide To Designing Marketing Collateral That Works!

Expert Marketing Collateral Advice | A Beginner's Guide To Design...

Expert Marketing Collateral Advice | Designing marketing collateral for your small business can be a great opportunity not only to showcase your creativity, but also to build brand awareness and boost your outreach. However, you’d be surprised how many business owners overlook the importance of personalized marketing collateral and choose to go cheap instead, buying random templates online and waiting for new clients to come rushing in. If you decide to cut corners and go cheap on your marketing materials, what will that tell your potential clients about the actual quality of the products and services you’re providing?

Expert Marketing Collateral Advice | Website Design –

Marketing collateral, when done right, should familiarize your potential clients with your products while building your brand. In other words, marketing collateral can be the critical difference between losing a sale and closing the deal and getting a loyal client for life. To help you set up a marketing collateral package that works, we’ve gathered some of the most effective tips and tricks that are bound to take your designs from drab to fab!

Clearly Define Your Goals | Expert Marketing Collateral Advice

Before you kick off the design process, you’ll want to take some time and determine what you’re trying to achieve. By clearly defining your goals, you’ll have a much better idea what items you’ll need, and you’ll get a better sense of what each item should look, feel and sound like. They say that preparation is winning half the battle, so don’t get caught scrambling to come up with the right marketing materials in the middle of your campaign.

Expert Marketing Collateral Advice | A Beginner's Guide To Design...

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Create A Style Guide | Expert Marketing Collateral Advice

Creating branding guidelines is something every business owner should take care of while working on their logo, but if you don’t already have them set up, you’ll want to do it before your next big marketing campaign. By defining elements such as colors, fonts, brand-oriented words, and even different versions of your logo, you’ll be able to set up consistent marketing materials that all look and feel like they came from the same source. This might not sound like a big deal if you’re in charge of the design yourself, but if you have a larger team, style guide will keep everyone on the same page.

Is Your Logo Versatile Enough To Survive Your Next Marketing Campaign? | Expert Marketing Collateral Advice

Your logo will be used on various materials and platforms, and your job is to make sure it’s just as effective whatever the circumstances are. For example, if you rely on color to communicate a certain message, you’ll need to find a way to communicate the same message even when the color is removed, when you need to fax a document, or use your logo as a watermark in one color. This is why we deliver a few different versions when designing a logo for a client, so they’re ready to embark even on the biggest marketing campaign, regardless of the materials used.

Less Is More | Expert Marketing Collateral Advice

Just like with any other design niche, less is definitely more when it comes to marketing collateral design. At the end of the day, it’s a delivery mechanism for your message, so make sure there are no unnecessary design elements that detract from the impact of your message. When it comes to simplicity of design, you’ll also want to make sure you don’t overwhelm your potential clients with long paragraphs of text. Using plenty of white space will help you emphasize the important areas of your collateral and guide the reader’s eye through your content.

Readability Is Paramount | Expert Marketing Collateral Advice

The content of your marketing collateral is crucial for the success of your campaign, but don’t overlook the importance of the fonts you use. You’ll want to find a font that not only works well with your logo and rest of your brand elements, but is actually easy to read. Sure, a beautiful calligraphic font might grab your potential client’s attention, but if it’s too difficult to read, you can bet they’re not going to try too hard to decipher your message.

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Expert Marketing Collateral Advice | A Beginner's Guide To Design...

Another thing when fonts are concerned is the size. It matters! You might be tempted to use a tiny font in order to fit more information on your marketing collateral, especially when the space is limited, like on a business card, for example. However, it’s best not to use fonts smaller than 8pts, otherwise your potential clients will need a magnifying glass to read your contact details. And lastly, you’ll need to ensure high contrast between the text and the background. Think about it, how hard do you think your potential clients will try to read the information before throwing your marketing collateral away if you use a light gray font on a white background?

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Use Quality Base Materials | Expert Marketing Collateral Advice

This is another area where business owners try and save money, which can do more damage than you might think! Your potential clients will start forming an opinion of your business the moment they take the letter out of the envelope or the moment you hand out your business card, which means you need to get the best paper your budget will allow. Your goal, after all, is to deliver your message in such a way that portrays your business as a reliable and professional company. Think about it, no one likes a limp handshake, so why would they like a limp business card that gets dented easily?

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