Expert Photography Business Advice | 6 Quick Photography Business Tips To Kickstart Your Career

Expert Photography Business Advice | 6 Quick Photography Business Tips

Expert Photography Business Advice | If you have some creative photography chops, you might be considering launching your own business. You’re not the only one, though. Photography is a popular profession and hobby right now. Photographers are forced, more than ever, to think creatively and outside of the box. With little or no money to invest in your startup, how can you move forward? How can you build a brand and make sure to get more happy and paying clients through the door?

Expert Photography Business Advice | Website Design –

In the past few years, camera gear has become more affordable and consumer friendly, and as a result, everyone is a photographer. However, that doesn’t mean you should toss your dreams of running a photography business aside. It just means you have to work a little smarter to stand out from the flock of other photographers in your particular niche. Are you ready to take the plunge and turn pro? Don’t do it until you’ve read these tips.

Write A Business Plan | Expert Photography Business Advice

Whatever photography business idea you have, all abstract ideas and creative initiatives have to be formulated into a tangible plan. Writing a plan will help you determine your goals are and find the best strategies that will help you accomplish those goals. Business goals can be general. For example, you may want to work 40 hours a week in photography (replace a full-time job) or form a group of pregnant moms whose families you can photograph from maternity through seniors.

Expert Photography Business Advice | 6 Quick Photography Business Tips

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Choose Your Ideal Client | Expert Photography Business Advice

New photographers often think they have to take on any gig that comes their way. Choosing an ideal client up front gives you the comfort and confidence to turn down the client who is too far away from your location, can’t afford you, or is simply too complicated to work with. By knowing who your ideal client is and what appeals to them — especially those things that don’t relate to photography at all — you can more easily grab their attention and draw in their business.

Come Up With A Pricing Plan | Expert Photography Business Advice

How much will you charge for your services? It’s a difficult question for every photographer, particularly if you’re just starting out. Figure out what one hour of your time is worth. Even if you have to make exceptions and lower your rate to get assignments in the beginning, it’s better to have a starting point than to leave it to the client alone to set the terms. if you don’t know your worth, nobody else will. The only way you can charge the fees appropriate to you and your photography business is to base your prices on what it costs YOU to do business.

Brand Your Photography Business | Expert Photography Business Advice

Whether you give your photography business a company name or use your own name, you’ll also want to get a logo designed and then a some business cards to pass around. Keep in mind that you can’t be everything to everybody or you’ll fail miserably. To appeal to your target audience, you must carve out a brand and style. Figure out what makes you unique as a photographer and use it to brand your business. You’re a part of a creative industry and your brand’s personality has to show it, so don’t hold back.

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Expert Photography Business Advice | 6 Quick Photography Business Tips

Invest In A Killer Website | Expert Photography Business Advice

Your website is often the very first impression that potential clients will have of your business and can be thought of as your virtual storefront. You want to keep your unique selling point and the nature of your brand in mind when setting up a website and make sure that each element appeals to your potential client. There are free website templates out there, but your website is like your storefront. You want it to be impressive, so it’s best to have a website professionally created just for your business.

Expert Photography Business Advice | Website Design –

Write A Marketing Plan | Expert Photography Business Advice

It took more than being a good talk show host for Oprah Winfrey to become a media mogul. Her company was a marketing machine that was successful at building partnerships and relationships, as well as product delivery. Similarly, it will take more than taking stunning pictures to build your business. Marketing yourself will suck up most of your time, particularly in the early years, so be ready for that. Having a clear marketing plan from the get-go will keep you focused and help you achieve your goals a lot quicker.

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