Expert Photography Logo Design Tips | How To Design A Logo That Makes Your Photography Business Stand Out In A Saturated Market

Expert Photography Logo Design Tips | How To Design A Logo That Makes

Expert Photography Logo Design Tips | Standing out in today’s market is one of the most challenging tasks any small business owner will have to face, and photographers are far from being an exception. The first thing you’ll need to take care of when you turn pro and launch your own photography business is build a brand if you want to even stand a chance of standing out. And what better way to kick off the branding project than by designing a business logo!

Expert Photography Logo Design Tips | Website Design –

Your business logo may not be as important as the actual pictures you take, but it still plays a vital role in setting up a cohesive brand that will remain consistent both online and offline. However, we live in an age when you can download a free logo template from the internet or get a logo for $20 or less. Legalities aside, what message are you sending to your potential clients if you’re using the same logo as many other business owners?

Standing Out Means Being Unique | Expert Photography Logo Design Tips

If you’re trying to stand out in a saturated market, you need to make sure each and every element of your brand is unique – and it all starts with your logo. While it is useful to look what’s already out there, you want to avoid copying or imitating other businesses, especially photographers in your area. Why would you do the same worn out design that countless other business owners are using when you can come up with something on your own? Don’t follow the pack – stand out!

Expert Photography Logo Design Tips | How To Design A Logo That Makes

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Flirt With Your Clients | Expert Photography Logo Design Tips

We don’t mean that literally, of course, but still – you need to come up with a logo that will appeal to your target audience. If you’re taking your photography business seriously, you’ve probably already chosen the area of specialization, so make sure your logo is appropriate. For example, if you’re shooting newborns, a logo with Comic Sans might actually work (even though we strongly advise you against it – it is the world’s most hated font, after all). Use Comic Sans for a high-fashion photographer and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a disaster.

It’s All In The Name | Expert Photography Logo Design Tips

Sure, there are companies out there that are represented by only a graphic, but keep in mind that endless amounts of money and time have gone into the marketing and branding efforts to make it possible – Nike didn’t start off with just the swoosh, and neither did Twitter; Twitter actually dropped the name from the logo only a few years ago.

If you want your potential clients to remember you and your business, you need to make sure you come up with a logo they can actually read. Sure, you can have the graphic element, or you can choose to use only the name of your business in a custom font. Either way you go, make sure you choose a readable font.

Say It With Color | Expert Photography Logo Design Tips

Using color is an incredibly effective way to make your logo pop and grab the attention of your potential clients. Go through your works – are there any colors that appear consistently throughout your pictures? Are you already using a color scheme for your marketing materials that you can use for your logo? Choose a color scheme and stick with it both online and off to ensure consistency and boost brand awareness.

However, keep in mind that your logo will be used on different materials, which means it has to be versatile enough to be just as effective on any and all of them. Some of the materials will have production limitations – for example, you need to ask yourself if the logo will work when the color is removed when you fax a document with your logo featured on it. Will it be able to communicate your message when only two colors are used?

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Expert Photography Logo Design Tips | How To Design A Logo That Makes

Versatility Goes Beyond Color | Expert Photography Logo Design Tips

Color is not the only design element that requires absolute versatility. Imagine two completely different scenarios: a potential client is driving down the highway and zips by a roadside billboard with your logo on it. Another potential client is catching up on their Twitter timeline on their iPhone. Will your logo have the same effect on both potential clients? It should!

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To make your logo truly versatile, you need to make sure it’s designed in vector format. Vector format will allow you to scale your logo to practically any size without affecting the quality of the design. Raster images, on the other hand, will allow you to scale them up to a certain point before the whole thing turns into a pixelated mess.

Use It | Expert Photography Logo Design Tips

Creating a logo doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience if you keep your target audience in mind, as well as the nature of your brand and make sure it’s versatile. However, if you want your clients to remember your logo, you need to actually use it! A recent study shows that a potential client has to be exposed to a brand up to seven times before they remember it, which means your logo needs to be clearly features on every piece of paper that leaves your office, but also online, whether it’s used as a watermark on your Facebook pictures or a Twitter avatar.

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