Expert Photography Marketing Hacks | Rock Your Marketing Plan With These 4 Simple Tricks

Expert Photography Marketing Hacks | Rock Your Marketing Plan With ...

Expert Photography Marketing Hacks | The art of marketing has gotten a bad rep! It seems the only time we discuss marketing is when beauty magazines publish a badly edited photo. We focus on the body image marketing strategies are projecting on young girls (and boys!), and we marvel at the ingenious ways agencies trick us to believe something without realizing what they’re doing. Yet, marketing is far from being a magical weapon only large faceless corporations have power over. In fact, marketing is just as important for small businesses as it is for international corporations.

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We’ve all seen many talented photographers quit their day jobs in order to launch a business of their own. However, a vast majority of them end up struggling to make ends meet for a few months, and they eventually close down their ventures. The truth of the matter is that your talent alone will get you only so far! Photography is becoming one of the most saturated industries out there, and you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd of competing photographers. This can only happen if you focus all of your attention on marketing. Then good news is that marketing doesn’t require an endless budget, a blood sacrifice, or an entire agency working on it.

Spread The Word | Expert Photography Marketing Hacks

The main purpose of marketing isn’t to deceive. In fact, its primary goal is to inform your potential clients who you are, what you can do for them, and why they should care. It goes without saying that before you do anything else, you need to take some time to figure out what it is that you’re trying to communicate. Don’t leave it up to your potential clients to figure things out. Instead, spell it out for them! But don’t stop at telling them what it is that you do. Tell them how your services can improve their lives. What it is that you and only you can provide?

Expert Photography Marketing Hacks | Rock Your Marketing Plan With ...

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In other words, you need to figure out what your unique selling point is. Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone. As a result, you shouldn’t target every demographic out there. Instead, clearly define your target audience and build your marketing strategy around them and their preferences. Think about it – a marketing strategy that will appeal to a high-school student is a lot different than the strategy that will appeal to a bride to be, so plan accordingly. Get to know your ideal client in terms of age, gender, location, and even marital and financial status in order to figure out what appeals to them!

Dare To Stand Out | Expert Photography Marketing Hacks

If you’re serious about your photography business and your marketing plan, you’ll clearly define your target audience and your message. However, it’s only natural you’ll take a look at what other photographers are doing. And here’s the tricky part – instead of copying what the most successful photographers in your area are doing, you’ll want to find an opening for something new. You want to stand out, not blend right in, and in order to stand out, you need to be different. Don’t copy, imitate, or even parody other photographers – instead, find your own unique style and strategy and stick with it!

The Internet As The Final Frontier | Expert Photography Marketing Hacks

Not so long ago, all you had to do if you wanted to book more sessions was to put out an ad in your local newspaper, sit back, and wait for the phone to start ringing off the hook. However, the situation is quite different today! Even if a potential client stumbles upon your ad, they won’t be all that likely to pick up the phone to schedule a session. They’ll want to check out your work without making a commitment and schedule a meeting. So, what will they do? They will look you up online. If you don’t have a website up and running, in other words, you might be losing more business than you think!

A website is like a storefront window on the busiest street in your area. People will take a look and if it doesn’t immediately leave the right impression, they will move along without giving you a second thought. You want to lure your potential clients into booking a session, and you can do that will a simple, quick website that showcases your work and tells them what it is that you can do for them. Not only that, but a solid website will help you leave an impression of a reliable and established business owner, not an amateur!

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Expert Photography Marketing Hacks | Rock Your Marketing Plan With ...

Social Media Is The New Black | Expert Photography Marketing Hacks

Setting up a website is just the very first step towards building a solid online presence. The next step is conquering the social media. After all, we all spend countless hours scrolling through our feeds and timelines. Needless to say, your potential clients are no exception, and since they know how to use, and enjoy using social media, it’s a great way to get on their radar. Start with 3-4 social networks and go from there. Figure out which networks are most popular among your target demographic and create accounts.

Expert Photography Marketing Hacks | Website Design –

Remember, it’s called social media for a reason! Don’t bombard your potential clients with generic sales messages – instead, join the ongoing conversation, share tips and tricks, talk about your experiences, answer the questions, and reply to each message and comment you receive. This will allow you to build reputation of a reliable source of information and an industry leader.

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