Expert Portfolio Website Tips | Six Tips You Can Improve Your Photography Website Right NOW!

Expert Portfolio Website Tips | Six Tips You Can Improve Your Photo...

Expert Portfolio Website Tips | One of the first things you need to do when launching your photography business is to set up a portfolio website that showcases your work and provides your potential clients with all the information they need to hire you. Your website will act as your virtual storefront, and in the same way that a logo represents a brand, your portfolio represents your skills, experience, and your unique style. If you get it right, you can have clients forever.

Expert Portfolio Website Tips | Website Design –

A photography website will help show your pictures. A great photography website, however, will help sell your services. Yet, you’d be surprised how many photographers keep making the same mistakes over and over again, never getting the results they were hoping for. Want to make sure your visitors exit your website almost the moment they get there? Make it difficult for them to find what it is they are searching for. Want to get your potential clients to stick around longer and maybe even hire you? Check out these simple design tips that will help make your photography website more appealing to your potential clients.

Brand | Expert Portfolio Website Tips

It’s important, and relatively easy, to give your visitors a unified look and feel that translates to a cohesive experience throughout your website. The design and graphical elements should complement the style of your photography, as well as convey your unique brand. Branding includes your business name, website address, logo, and any style details such as colors, fonts, writing tone, etc. — and incorporating these successfully establishes you as a professional.

Expert Portfolio Website Tips | Six Tips You Can Improve Your Photo...

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Simplicity | Expert Portfolio Website Tips

However, if the visitors are constantly talking about the design of your portfolio website, then you are probably doing something wrong. Your work is supposed to be the focal point of your website, so don’t clutter it up with useless design elements. Successful photographers understand the value of simplicity, of focusing on the essentials and discarding the superfluous. So even if you have a lot of content on your website, you should find a way to organize it in a simple way, to not confuse people and tempt them to abandon your website. Yes, your stunning pictures may speak for themselves, but if your website is overwhelming and a cluttered mess, the message will still get lost.

Quality | Expert Portfolio Website Tips

When your potential clients land on your website, you only have a few moment to make a great first impression, so make it count. The old saying is true: “Your portfolio is only as strong as your weakest picture.” Filling entire pages with endless galleries and countless pictures won’t get you very far or do you any favors. If you limit your selection to the best examples of your work, however, the viewer sees only the strongest pictures, and if they are interested in seeing more, they can get in touch with you. Limiting your selection also makes your portfolio seem more organized and structured.

Freshness | Expert Portfolio Website Tips

People are used to seeing new content each and every time they visit a website. We’ve grown out of seeing the same old stuff on every visit. The same applies to your portfolio website, with a little less emphasis on how often you should be updating the content. And even if you don’t have any recent new content (maybe you haven’t done a shoot in a while or you wrote your last blog post few weeks ago), at least go ahead and rotate some of your homepage content, switch things up, and make it look fresh.

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Expert Portfolio Website Tips | Six Tips You Can Improve Your Photo...

Navigation | Expert Portfolio Website Tips

Photographers sometimes focus on the visual elements of the website, at the expense of usability. 83% of visitors leave a website because it takes too many clicks to find what they are looking for, which is a huge number! Rethink your navigation bar, making it as simple as easy as possible to use, so your potential clients can focus on the photography without being distracted by trying to figure out how to get from one point to another. Also, in addition to placing “previous” and “next” arrows or buttons in your gallery, you should also allow viewers to flip through your images by using the left and right keys on their keyboard.

Expert Portfolio Website Tips | Website Design –

Contact | Expert Portfolio Website Tips

Regardless of how amazing your work is, if your potential client can’t get in touch with you, you’re not getting any work. It’s really simple for you to add contact details to your website. Whether it’s a separate contact page, a phone number on every page, or an email address in the footer, finding your contact information should be a breeze for your visitors.

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