Expert Web Optimization Tips | Six Quick And Dirty Tips For Boosting Website Conversions

Expert Web Optimization Tips | Six Quick And Dirty Tips For Boosting

Expert Web Optimization Tips | Slow websites are bad for any number of reasons, but the most important is that they make for bad user experience. At the end of the day, no one likes to wait. That goes double for users on mobile devices with low-bandwidth connections and limited data plans. It’s a no-brainer: well performing and appealing websites enjoy higher visitor engagement, retention and conversion.

Expert Web Optimization Tips | Website Design –

Web optimization is a vitally important aspect of web development and maintenance, yet you’d be surprised how many business owners completely ignore it. In 2007, Amazon reported that for every 100 ms increase in load time of their website, their sales went down by 1%. Google found that by reducing the size of the page from 100KB to 80KB, their traffic climbed up by 10% in the first week, followed by another 25% in the following three weeks. However, speed is not the only factor affecting user experience and conversions – there are some other areas of your website that require special attention as well in order to boost conversions.

First Off, What Is A Conversion? | Expert Web Optimization Tips

A conversion is essentially getting your website visitors to do what you want expect them to do, whether that is to make a purchase, sign up for your newsletter, register for a free account, download a brochure, or fill out a lead/contact form. Setting up a website for your business is a moot point if it doesn’t convert visitors, generate leads and bring in paying clients.

Expert Web Optimization Tips | Six Quick And Dirty Tips For Boosting

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Make Your Calls To Action Stand Out | Expert Web Optimization Tips

You may read case studies that claim that red color used in calls to action converted better than green, and so on. But this doesn’t mean that you have to use only the red color calls to action when looking to boost conversions. It’s all about which color pops up better on the background of your web page. Make sure your CTA button stands out visually by using high-contrasting colors, appears clickable and uses short, gain-focused text. Pro tip: choose a CTA color that hasn’t been used anywhere on the page, so that it stands out well and draws the necessary attention.

Don’t Forget The Images | Expert Web Optimization Tips

One of the most performance hungry elements that the browser needs to download are images, causing many websites out there to be painfully slow. We all love full-size, pin-sharp images, but web users pay a high price for them in terms of loading speed. Images are always going to be bandwidth-heavy: they contain tons of data, so you should make sure you aren’t using more bandwidth than you have to. Start by cropping your images to the appropriate size. For example, if your page is 570px wide, resize the image to that exact width, instead of just uploading a 2000px-wide image and setting the width parameter.

Make Sure You Write Clear Headlines | Expert Web Optimization Tips

Headlines are typically one of the most prominent things on any given page and getting it right can boost your website conversions to a great extent. They’re what your visitors first read once they land on your pages from the search engine results, and they guide their attention through your contet. You only have a few seconds to pique their interest, so make sure you spend some time thinking about what you’re going to say.

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Expert Web Optimization Tips | Six Quick And Dirty Tips For Boosting

Optimize The Content | Expert Web Optimization Tips

The content of every page should clearly convey your offering, and speak directly to your target audience. Clear, concise content is still king, so be cautious and exhaustively test reduction in content volume. Use bulletined lists to prevent your content from becoming too lengthy or overwhelming, and make sure you include plenty of white space and imagery to break long paragraphs into smaller sections. Remember, what you post drives visitor interest and inspires your clients to become brand advocates. The trick is to build a careful library of knowledgeable, informative content based on industry topics people search for, and present it in an understandable way.

Expert Web Optimization Tips | Website Design –

Pay Attention To Your Contact And Checkout Forms | Expert Web Optimization Tips

Asking for too much information can irritate your visitors and result in low conversion rates. A good form includes all the fields required to fulfill your offer, but not so many that potential clients feel overwhelmed. Think carefully about what information is truly necessary to capture as you build your form. For example, don’t ask for a potential client’s phone number to create an account. Most visitors want to convert just as fast as you want them to, so don’t put up roadblocks that will turn them away.

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