Expert Website Design Tips | How To Design A Photography Website That Looks Great And Ranks High

Expert Website Design Tips | How To Design A Photography

Expert Website Design Tips | Photographers have to work hard to establish a critical difference between their work and the Joe next-door. In the age of digital photography, almost everyone is considered a photographer as long as they can press the shutter release. This is why designing a website that stands out and grabs the attention of your potential clients should be one of your top priorities. Think of your website as your digital storefront; it has to be able to grab your visitors and get them to click through to the “deeper” pages where they can either purchase your prints or hire you for a shoot.

Expert Website Design Tips | Website Design –

The Internet has revolutionized marketing, and creating a stunning website is the first step toward using the Internet to your advantage. The secret to a great web design is really very simple: you have to understand the universal principles of good design and follow them, all the time. By following these simple website design guidelines and optimizing your photography website for search engines, you will maximize the amount of Internet traffic your website gets and the number of visitors who become paying clients.

Narrow Down Your Choices Of Images | Expert Website Design Tips

Although you may have a large collection of images you want to upload to your portfolio, try to limit your selection to the stronger pieces. Too many images in your portfolio can increase load times, and provide the visitors with too many options. Big, beautiful images will ideally compel visitors to click through to particular galleries, and then individual images. Whether you’re selling prints or licenses, or trying to get hired, appealing and prominently showcased photography should convince clients to dig deeper or reach out.

Expert Website Design Tips | How To Design A Photography

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Make Sure Your Photos Are The Right Size | Expert Website Design Tips

Some photographers are afraid to upload high quality images to their portfolio because they believe it increases the chances of unauthorized usage. Forget about this! Use only a few of your best quality images and make sure that they’re shown on your website with the height or width of at least 800px. Remember, the web is pixel-based. So if your image isn’t big enough, it’s going to look pixelated.

When In Doubt, Give It Space | Expert Website Design Tips

The most vital design tip is also the simplest: Make sure your content has breathing room; giving it proper spacing will help with legibility and focus. It’s particularly important to avoid overwhelming visitors with walls of text. To keep visitors on your website, make sure pages do not have too many competing calls to action or visual clutter like lots of graphics, photographs or animated gifs that would distract the visitor away from the most important part of the page – showcase of your images.

Avoid Using Flash | Expert Website Design Tips

Thanks in part to the ongoing dispute between Adobe and Apple, the days of Flash as an Internet standard are slowly coming to an end, so why stay on the bandwagon when there are other options that are much more search engine and user friendly. Search engines are another reason why you should avoid using Flash. For a search engine, a Flash website is just like a huge blank page without any text at all. Text is king in the search engine world and therefore this makes it much harder to rank high on search engines, which is not good for your business.

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Expert Website Design Tips | How To Design A Photography

Play Nice With Google | Expert Website Design Tips

Getting potential clients to your website is essential to growing and maintaining your business. If clients can’t find you when they’re searching for photography services online or for images to purchase, it becomes considerably harder to keep your business afloat. SEO is the difference between shooting a paid gig once a week, and being fully booked 2 months out. Most photography websites are portfolio based, with virtually no words within the content of the main website. You must make up for the lack of keywords in your website with alt tags in your images, or adding a blog to your website.

Expert Website Design Tips | Website Design –

Make The Website Easy To Use | Expert Website Design Tips

When it comes to creating a menu bar for your website with links to the different pages, don’t get creative! Make the website dead simple to use. Also, keep in mind that regardless of how good your work is, if your visitors can’t get in touch with you, you’re not getting any work. Whether it’s a contact page, a phone number on every page, or an email address in the footer, finding your contact information should be a breeze for your users.

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