Find New Photography Clients | Learn How To Market Your Photography Business, Grow Your Client Base, And Stay Booked Solid

Find New Photography Clients | Learn How To Market Your ...

Find New Photography Clients | Running a successful photography business takes more than taking great pictures or setting up a Facebook account for your photography. You have to get your name and your images in front of your potential clients and other entrepreneurs, such as event planners, photo editors, and marketing professionals who commission photography. Photography may be your passion and we can’t blame you for it. If you’re considering taking this passion a few steps further into launching your own photography business, we have a few crucial marketing tips and recommendations you should consider before jumping in.

Find New Photography Clients | Website Design –

One of the most difficult challenges on your way to starting a successful business and start making money from doing what you love will be figuring out how to get clients. If you’re just setting up your photography business, it may feel like you can’t get the message in front of the right people. As a new photography business, money is tight and the budget excruciatingly limited, but even if it wasn’t, why spend thousands of dollars when some of the most effective marketing ideas are inexpensive or in some cases even free with just a little leg work? We’ve rounded up some awesome marketing ideas to help you get your photography business off to a great start!

Identify Your Ideal Client | Find New Photography Clients

Before doing any marketing at all, it’s crucial you identify the ideal client you want to work with. Without understanding what this person likes, dislikes, where they hang out and everything else you can possibly learn about them, you won’t be able to appeal to them. Pick a niche market that you are passionate about and you’ll find that it’ll do two things for you. First, it will get you focused on what you have to do or to achieve. And second, it will help you find the best way to achieve it.

Find New Photography Clients | Learn How To Market Your ...

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Set Up A Portfolio Website | Find New Photography Clients

Your website is often the first impression that potential clients have of your photography business and can be thought of as your digital storefront. Putting together a portfolio of best examples of your work lets you to showcase your skills, experience, and your unique style. Set up a gallery on your website and organize your work under clearly-defined categories. Remember, you want to keep your target audience in mind when creating your website and make sure that every element appeals to your ideal client.

Blog Often | Find New Photography Clients

Having fresh content on your website is one of the best ways to let search engines know that your website is active and boost your rankings, but it also shows your clients that you are keeping busy. Wondering what to post about? Remember that your blog should be aimed toward the client who hasn’t worked with you yet, not the client who hired you last week. In other words, don’t make your blog a place for posting your work. That’s what your portfolio page is for. Wedding photographers may want to publish a series on their blog with tips for brides for having better wedding photography, whereas portrait photographers may share tips about what to wear to a session.

Showcase Testimonials | Find New Photography Clients

Testimonials are a powerful way to hook new clients. For the most part, previous clients will make recommendations on their own terms, you can still take advantage of the power of personal recommendations by having a selection of testimonials on your website. To get testimonials that pack a punch and aren’t just an unoriginal phrase like “They were awesome,” send out a survey with some questions in it. To get a client testimonial that actually works, you might ask them, for example, what they did with their images and how they react when they see them.

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Find New Photography Clients | Learn How To Market Your ...

Connect With Other Business Owners | Find New Photography Clients

Make connections with business owners who serve and target the same audience. If your main focus is on wedding photography, make connections with wedding planners, florists, wedding dress boutiques and caterers. When meeting with other vendors, remember to be personable – even though they are running a business, they are still people too! By connecting with businesses who offer complementary, non-competing services, you can become a part of their referral network, which can help you get leads for your new photography business.

Find New Photography Clients | Website Design –

Build Your Social Media Presence | Find New Photography Clients

When you blog tips, or post the images from your client’s photo session to your portfolio, take a moment to post the links on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media network that your ideal clients use. They’ll share them with their friends and you’ll get traffic as they point people your way. However, sharing content is not enough for effective social media strategy, even if the content is absolutely brilliant. Don’t forget about the word “social” and pay attention to what your friends, fans, and followers are sharing, and engage with them.

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