Free Marketing Tips | Pinterest Etiquette: 6 Things Brands Should Always Do

Free Marketing Tips | Pinterest Etiquette: 6 Things Brands ...

Free Marketing Tips | With almost 50 million users, Pinterest is one of the most popular social platforms. However, many business owners are still not sure about Pinterest; they are afraid to venture into more than one or two social networks, preferring instead to stick to the social media king and queen: Facebook and Twitter. Still, because of its vast and growing user base, as well as its emphasis on image sharing, Pinterest can be an effective opportunity for getting some exposure for your brand.

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A social media platform built around the concept of sharing photos, Pinterest enables its users to pin photos to their boards and share with other users. With a predominantly female audience, Pinterest is a popular place to share photos for wedding planning, home redecorating, recipes, vacation destinations, and books. If that’s your target audience, here are some proven ways to attract the attention on Pinterest, improve your click-throughs, and get the word out about your business.

Know Your Audience | Free Marketing Tips

Pinterest is different from other social networking platforms by the amount of time users spend browsing the website. The average time that users spend on Pinterest during their visit totals to 1 hour and 17 minutes, much longer than the average 36 minutes users spend on Twitter. Pinterest is largely used by women, mostly Millennial Moms, according to a research study. With this in mind, it’s important that you use that information to decide if you should spend time on marketing via Pinterest.

Free Marketing Tips | Pinterest Etiquette: 6 Things Brands ...

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Don’t Just Repin… Pin Original Content | Free Marketing Tips

Did you know that 80% of pins are repins of someone else’s content? The scarcity of original content on Pinterest is a fantastic opportunity for your brand. Followers love to see what goes on behind the scenes of a company. You could also include pins of your products, and services in planning stages, so your followers can see the various product stages.

Make Your Website Pinnable | Free Marketing Tips

Because Pinterest has such a large following, it’s a great opportunity to drive more traffic to your website via the links that are attached to every pin you make to your board. If you want people to start pinning from your website (which is an incredibly efficient way of spreading the word about your business) then you have to make your website and blog very visual. Every pin includes a link leading back to the source of the image, this can translate into a lot more inbound links to your website. So the more followers you have, the more those followers share your pins, which in turn can mean more traffic to your website.

Pin It To Win It – Contests And Giveaways | Free Marketing Tips

Everyone likes to win, and everyone likes free things. Contests are great promotional tools, and Pinterest offers the perfect medium for running a contest. If you’re just starting out on Pinterest, and you want to get some followers quickly, running a contest might be the ideal solution. Because Pinterest has yet to become heavily used as a commercialized marketing tool, there is a lot of exploration and experimentation to be done. Why not lead the way?

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Free Marketing Tips | Pinterest Etiquette: 6 Things Brands ...

Think Like A Content Marketer, Not An Advertiser | Free Marketing Tips

The temptation for any business is to post pins only for products you sell. However, the majority of active Pinterest users (59 percent) click on Pins that go to blog posts, articles and even photos, and less than half of those users click through to brand or shopping websites. Clearly, engaging content is what users seek. Brands must share their own content in order to reap the traffic benefits of Pinterest, however, try to avoid excessive self-promotion. There are no hard and fast rules around the optimum mix of brand content vs. repinned content; but the general rule of thumb is to find some balance in what is shared.

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Use Pinterest As A Gateway To Other Social Media Platforms | Free Marketing Tips

Connect your other social media platforms with your Pinterest account. Include buttons to your Facebook, Instagram and more in your “About” section, and also create pins that linking to your YouTube channel videos, or blog posts on your website. You can also connect your Pinterest account with Twitter so your pins are automatically tweeted. You can also add a ‘Pin it’ button to your website, much like other share buttons, so your visitors can pin for you.

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