Free Online Marketing | Top 8 Small Business Marketing Tips That Won’t Break The Bank

Free Online Marketing | Top 8 Small Business Marketing Tips...

Free Online Marketing | In today’s economy, you need all the help you can get to make sure your company is noticed amid all the noise. In the digital world, where getting lots of attention means cash in the bank, it is getting more and more difficult to even get your target audience to notice you. Marketing is key, but which approach to use?

Free Online Marketing | Website Design –

Not only do you have to compete with big businesses that have huge marketing departments, but you also have to compete with social media, and many other distractions. However, this does not mean your online marketing strategy has to be over the top, or cost you tons of money to get you in front of your potential clients.

Know Your Market | Free Online Marketing

Your marketing strategy will never be successful if you do not have a clearly defined target audience. Before you spend even a dime on marketing, define your target audience first. Once you have a thorough profile of your ideal client, deciding how and where to reach them is a lot easier. If you start marketing before you have a clear client profile though, you will most likely be wasting your money in places where you will never reach your clients.

Leverage Social Networks | Free Online Marketing

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are all popular social platforms that you should be using to your own advantage. Create profiles on each of those sites as they are a good source of traffic. Don’t just sign up for these services and then forget about them. Start being active on social media websites. You should use these platforms to promote your blog posts, and communicate with clients.

Free Online Marketing | Top 8 Small Business Marketing Tips...

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Claim Your Online Listings | Free Online Marketing

This is a quick and simple way to solidify your online presence. Just by claiming your business on review websites and Google Places, for example, you’re letting people know where you’re located and that, yes, you’re indeed a real business. Claim, verify, and update your Google Local Business listing. This is very important. Google Local Listings have been implemented into Google+, and it can greatly improve your search engine rankings.

Start A Blog | Free Online Marketing

And don’t just start one – stay committed for at least 12 months so to give yourself a chance to see effects. This is a long-term project that deserves your attention, and dedication. The more content on your website, the more chances there are for search engines to pick it up. Blogging can be a great (and free!) way to create leads and links to your website by sharing blog posts across social platforms.

Become A Guest Author | Free Online Marketing

An easy way to get your business out there is to write guest blog posts on other people’s blogs. You can reach out to them by email, website forms, or phone, and simply offer to write a post for their blog. Make sure you already have a couple topics in mind, and that you’ve done your homework, before contacting them. You want to offer their blog substance, and value, so pick a topic that will blend nicely with the rest of their content.

Create A Cool Giveaway | Free Online Marketing

When deciding what your company will give away, be sure it’s something your potential clients won’t want to throw away, or easily lose in their desk or bag. You can also offer an exclusive reward to your regular clients — only your regular clients. Notify them via email, or other contact methods, and direct them to an otherwise inaccessible page on your website where only they can see the offer.

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Free Online Marketing | Top 8 Small Business Marketing Tips...

Get Your Clients To Bring In New Clients | Free Online Marketing

Do you already have clients? If so, have you asked them for referrals? It’s a great approach, as long as your current clients are happy with you. Offer a reward like a discount to clients who get a new client to make a transaction with your business. You’ll be surprised to find out that only a very small percentage of your clients will not be willing to make an introduction. If a large portion tells you no, it means that you could be doing a better job making them happy.

Free Online Marketing | Website Design –

Search Engine Optimization | Free Online Marketing

When someone enters a search query into a search engine about something related to your business, obviously you want to be one of the first results listed. Google is the most popular website on the Internet after all, so why wouldn’t you use it? Through search engine optimization, you can rank higher on Google, nad get more visitors to your website.

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