Free Photography Branding Tips | Positioning Your Brand For Success: Branding Tips For Photographers

Free Photography Branding Tips | Positioning Your Brand For

Free Photography Branding Tips | Creating a photography business brand can be hard for busy working photographers or creative parents wanting to make a career out of their hobby. Professional photography has grown exponentially in the last few years. This makes for more and more photographers going for the same pie, which is getting sliced thinner and thinner. While many photographers want to focus all of their time on photography, it is vital to remember that you and your photography business are a brand. Marketing, social networks, and day-to-day errands may feel like the not-so-fun side of the photography business, but it is critical for your success.

Free Photography Branding Tips | Website Design –

The right branding showcases your professionalism to your potential clients before you have even spoken to them and at times, before they have even seen your work. It conveys your style and can tell your audience a lot about your personality and skills, and therefore, a bit of what to expect at a session and throughout the entire process – from scheduling a session to purchasing prints. Building your brand will bring more value to your business and attract the right kind of clients. Defining your brand will give you a strong voice you can build on everyday with social media and marketing, customer service and product lines.

Your Unique Selling Proposition | Free Photography Branding Tips

Take a moment to decide what your unique selling points are: your specialty, your skills, how you’re different, what sets you apart from others in your field. Once you have determined this, you can build it into your branding strategy and use it to define your target audience. The more specialized your service, the more likely it is to stand out. Trying to market for everything photography niche, from commercial to product to newborn portraits, will make it difficult for clients to find you in the sea of photographers out there.

Free Photography Branding Tips | Positioning Your Brand For

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Targeting Your Audience | Free Photography Branding Tips

Your brand is not what you say it is. It is what they say it is. “They” are your target audience. Take out a piece of paper and start writing down characteristics of your ideal client. Many people say this, but it’s because it works. What kinds of clients are you going after? Engaged couples? Parents? Parents to be? Once you have defined your target audience, you have to think like them. Where do they shop? Do they shop online? Where do they spend their time? Do they use social media? This may sound obvious, but the more you define that person the more you can figure out just where your target market is.

Creating A Brand Called You | Free Photography Branding Tips

The next thing you have to do is look for your brand essence. This is the heart and soul of your business. This is how you communicate who you are. Having a style within your industry will help develop your brand and to stand out from all the rest. Every major brand has a signature look. Whether it’s a color scheme, logo, or image, people immediately associated this icon with the brand, what it stands for, and what product it offers. The thought process behind building the brand of your photography business should not be any different.

Hiring A Designer | Free Photography Branding Tips

First impressions count in branding too. If you have a ‘homemade’ design as a budding photographer, it will be one of the things that holds you back from collecting professional fees for your services. Spending money on a good designer to help develop your brand is money well spent. But only look for a designer if you are ready for that next step and know exactly what you want.

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Free Photography Branding Tips | Positioning Your Brand For

Make The Most Of Social Media | Free Photography Branding Tips

We all have our own places where we prefer to post. Maybe this is a blog, or something on Facebook. Whatever it is, do it regularly! It is hard to ignore the effect of social media on brand exposure. Social media can be an irreplaceable tool for promoting your brand and showcasing your brand identity to a large market.

Free Photography Branding Tips | Website Design –

Be Consistent | Free Photography Branding Tips

Branding your business after you have established your niche will help you focus on details and keep your brand consistent for years to come. Once you choose a design path make sure there is a thread or a few that keeps your brand cohesive and consistent across all mediums. Print, online, advertising, promotion, and sales. Make sure the color, patterns, fonts are all the same or in the range of your brand.

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