Free Photography Marketing Ideas | Networking: One Of The Best Kept Secrets Of Successful Photographers For Getting More Clients

Free Photography Marketing Ideas | Networking: One Of The

Free Photography Marketing Ideas | Who do you turn to for help on growing your photography business? Whether you are an emerging photographer, or a more experienced one, having a network of other professionals is not just “nice-to-have”. It is vital to running a successful photography business. Networking is a cost-efficient way to promote your photography business, and if you put your heart (and brain) into it, your effort will pay off in spades. Many different methods of marketing have been tried, and networking is one of the most effective — particularly if you are trying to break in to the high-end market.

Free Photography Marketing Ideas | Website Design –

Photography as a way to earn a living is about getting clients — which means promoting yourself and your services. Many successful professional photographers will tell you that photography business is 20% photography and 80% marketing. If your calendar is not completely booked up yet, that means you are not done with marketing. Maybe you haven’t even started yet. That’s where networking comes in. Networking is all about finding those crucial contacts and building long-term relationships with people who can give you business.

It’s The Most Cost-Effective Strategy | Free Photography Marketing Ideas

Unlike many marketing strategies, networking costs very little. Many networking events are free, and others cost a nominal fee to attend, which is great for beginners and starving artists. Simply walk over and introduce yourself to potential clients or business partners. Avoid falling into the trap of hanging out with the same people all the time. People tend to gravitate toward the familiar, but you have to meet new people if you’re going to accomplish your goals.

Free Photography Marketing Ideas | Networking: One Of The

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Social Networks | Free Photography Marketing Ideas

Take advantage of social networking websites. Facebook is no longer a new social media, but a trusted and effective strategy for marketing and reaching your potential clients. Many photographers are successfully building their business with Facebook marketing. For example, you can make a page for your wedding photography business on Facebook. There, you could link to your website and provide updates for those who are interested in your work. It only requires about 10-20 minutes per day, and you will start to see your reputation grow. That’s where your clients spend their time, and it’s another chance to connect with them in a fun, social way.

Referral Gifts | Free Photography Marketing Ideas

There are a lot of vendors out there who could give you client referrals if you approached them with the right offer. Offer a service or product that doesn’t cost too much but has a high perceived value as a referral incentive. Make it part of your workflow to send your favorite 5×7 prints to the vendors after each wedding. Highlight food shots for caterers, floral details for florists and so on. This is the easiest and best way to open the doors to a great referral relationship.

Blogging | Free Photography Marketing Ideas

A blog is a great way to start communicating with your audience what you are all about and what you can offer them. Blogs do require quite a commitment, but the good thing is, your blog is essentially a blank canvas for you to express your creativity, educate clients and share with them examples of images and products you can create for them. Including the vendor team in wedding blog posts is another effective way to build relationships. Give them credit for creating a beautiful event, and link to their websites so your clients can learn about their services. This helps your SEO too, and they’ll do the same for you.

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Free Photography Marketing Ideas | Networking: One Of The

Website and Brochures | Free Photography Marketing Ideas

Two of the most powerful methods of advertising are through a website and brochures. After these are ready, you will be able to market your photography business effectively. If you have a photography brochure, keep a small stash in your car for when the need arises. It should showcase a good amount of your best works. Also, pay attention to the copy, as well as the color and font choices for your brochure. Make sure your website has plenty of quality examples of your work as well. You could consider enabling clients to schedule appointments and allow them to buy packages at a discounted price.

Free Photography Marketing Ideas | Website Design –

Getting Published | Free Photography Marketing Ideas

Connect with local magazine and newspaper editors. If you want to focus on building press and prestige for your work, getting published is the best way to go. You can submit images and story ideas to trade publications in your field as well as local media outlets. Editors will start referring you like crazy. Not only will your images be seen by all their readers, they will also gush how amazing your work is, because they’ve personally experienced working with you.

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