Hottest Branding Tips | Stop Your Business From Cooling Down This Summer With These Simple Branding Ideas!

Hottest Branding Tips | Stop Your Business From Cooling Down This ...

Hottest Branding Tips | Some businesses thrive during the summer: wedding photographers, resorts, and ice cream shops, for example. Others suffer in the summer heat, wondering where all their clients have gone. Memorial Day Weekend is the official kickoff to summer, and along with higher temperatures, it brings new opportunities each year for small business owners to get creative with their brands. Just because the sun sizzles, it doesn’t mean your business has to fizzle; even if you’re not a “summer business,” you can take advantage of warm weather and get creative with your brand and boost your business during the summer months.

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Branding is one element of marketing that even many experienced business owners leave on autopilot, especially during the summer. But the reality is that you need to spice up your brand on a regular basis with new tactics that keep your potential clients interested, just like you’d add a few items to your wardrobe for the change in seasons. How can you make sure your brand stays up to date with the latest trends? Here are six tips to help you get started!

Lose That Winter Weight | Hottest Branding Tips

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s vital to keep your brand focused, and get it in shape for the warmer weather. Examine your brand’s message across channels to see where you can eliminate excess text and graphics. Specializing in one thing enables you to stand out in a saturated market. Being an expert in what you do, and being able to communicate your unique selling points will help the marketplace see you as the number one source.

Hottest Branding Tips | Stop Your Business From Cooling Down This ...

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Emphasize Your Colors | Hottest Branding Tips

A small business could offer the most innovative product, the most disruptive service, the best thing ever available for purchase in the history of commerce — but if the brand’s color scheme is off-putting, potential clients are more likely to decide to shop elsewhere. Color is a vitally important attribute of branding that conveys emotions and communicates ideas. Visual aspects such as color can be incredibly powerful and say as much about your brand as the words you use, so be strategic in how and which colors you use.

Stay Reliable | Hottest Branding Tips

Summer is no excuse for neglecting customer service. Letting your existing clients down by failing to live up to your own promises and brand standards can be especially harmful for small businesses that rely heavily on referrals. The foundation of brand loyalty lies in outstanding service – a happy client is a loyal client. They won’t return to you, let alone refer you to someone else, if you don’t deliver on your brand promise and exceed expectations.

Update Your Templates | Hottest Branding Tips

Revise your existing marketing materials and let them be inspired by summer themes. Take advantage of summer events and inspiration in your written content and communications. Create templates and define brand standards for your marketing materials to ensure consistency, though. Use the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout. Avoid the temptation to chop and change from one piece of marketing material to the next or across different marketing channels. It’s possible to create different messages for various types of mediums while maintaining a consistent brand.

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Hottest Branding Tips | Stop Your Business From Cooling Down This ...

Rock Your Social Media | Hottest Branding Tips

Whatever your business goals are, establishing a professional social media presence can only help you in your efforts to achieve those goals. Figure out what social media networks work best for your your brand and polish up your social media imagery. Nothing engages internet users better than pictures, so make sure you’re snap-happy this summer to keep your followers interested. A great way to engage your fans and followers on social media is to invite them to submit their own summer photos and offering a discount for the winner with the highest number of likes or retweets.

Hottest Branding Tips | Website Design –

It’s Easier Than You Think | Hottest Branding Tips

When it comes down to it, summer is a great time to engage with your potential clients, because before you know it, the fall will be here and back inside we’ll go. Take advantage of the great weather, the long, summer days, and the chance to engage with your clients. These tips may seem to take a lot of effort. At the outset of establishing and building your brand, you might have to do some work, but once you get started, though, it gets easier, more routine and more instinctive.

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