Important Portfolio Design Tips | Ridiculously Simple Tips To Create A Photography Portfolio Website That Will Get You Hired

Important Portfolio Design Tips | Ridiculously Simple Tips ...

Important Portfolio Design Tips | Being hired for a photo session requires that you have the whole package: stunning images, attitude, personality, and skills. But when it comes down to it, the first thing a potential client will look at when doing their research is something that many photographers ignore: the portfolio website. It has to be flawless. When a portfolio is well-designed, you have the advantage over other professionals in your industry. In today’s myriad of creative and catchy photography portfolios, you will have to try your best to make your presentation stand out from the crowd of other great websites.

Important Portfolio Design Tips | Website Design –

Websites are incredibly important today. Thanks to technology and the Internet, the world feels significantly smaller than before. There’s nothing more vital to your business than presenting your best work in an appealing, professional and accessible way. In addition to amazing imagery, what features are found in successful photography portfolios? What are the most critical things to consider when presenting your best work?

Your Audience | Important Portfolio Design Tips

Before even starting your website design, ask yourself if the design will appeal to your audience. Consider two groups — your current audience, and maybe more important, your target audience. Before you start designing a portfolio website, it is crucial to define goals and purposes of your future portfolio: whether it is going to be a portfolio for commercial purposes, or showing your images to potential employers, or just showcasing your works to share them with friends and close people.

Important Portfolio Design Tips | Ridiculously Simple Tips ...

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Showcase Your Best Work | Important Portfolio Design Tips

After the goals and audience are determined, it’s time to make a selection of images that are going to be presented in the portfolio. Scrutinize the images and select the best ones that you want to present to the audience. Choose at least five projects so you can showcase the breadth of your work, but be selective. Remember, it’s always a better idea to have a portfolio of a few projects that are outstanding than dozens of projects where some of them are just alright.

Keep It Simple | Important Portfolio Design Tips

Since you’re building a photography website, clients are most likely coming to see your images. First, make sure that your images are front and center. This must be your main element and the first thing that the client experiences. If your work is presented in an organized and easy to navigate fashion, chances are, potential clients will appreciate the curation and level of professionalism that went into putting your online portfolio together. It also makes their lives a lot easier when looking through your work.

No Flash | Important Portfolio Design Tips

Flash, the technology, definitely has a place, but it’s not on your website. People with functioning eyes are not the only people that browse the Internet. Blind users navigate websites using screen readers that read aloud text on their screen. Flash basically writes text on the screen using images that are unreadable by a screen reader. In most cases, Flash content does not get indexed by search engines either, as search bots are essentially trying to read content from an image. It’s even been hypothesized that having an entire Flash website can hurt your rankings as the search engine considers your website to be keywords with no content.

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Important Portfolio Design Tips | Ridiculously Simple Tips ...

Aim For Simple Navigation | Important Portfolio Design Tips

Navigation is the most vital element to be considered when designing an online photo portfolio. It should be designed as clearly as possible for the visitors to view the photographer’s works. Within a few seconds, a visitor to your website should be able to find a portfolio, information about you (where you reside, what you like to shoot, social links, etc), and contact you in less than a minute. Make sure that categories, sections, labels, and navigation makes sense to everyone. Getting clever with these things might seem like a fun idea, and a way to be different, but it creates a frustrating experience for your viewers.

Important Portfolio Design Tips | Website Design –

Regular Updates | Important Portfolio Design Tips

Users are used to seeing new content each and every time they visit a website. We’ve grown out of seeing the same old stuff on every visit. The best portfolios are never static. As you create new and better work, make sure you make additions to showcase your latest projects, but with the same focus on careful curation!

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