Key Photography Business Tips | How To Grow A Business: Tips For The Aspiring Wedding Photographer

Key Photography Business Tips | How To Grow A Business

Key Photography Business Tips | No matter how talented you are as a photographer, you have to take certain steps to attract your potential clients and grow your business. You probably got into wedding photography because you loved the photography part, and not because you really wanted to be a business owner. Unfortunately, without savvy business skills and plans, you may be limiting your potential for growth.

Key Photography Business Tips | Website Design –

In this economy, you’ll have to take advantage of all the marketing tools at your disposal to create a buzz about you and your photography business. Fortunately for you, the Internet gives you access to direct online marketing like never before. It turns out that successful photographers share specific traits in common, and you can find out how to follow in their footsteps. Follow these simple tips to boost your visibility and get more assignments.

Showcase Your Work | Key Photography Business Tips

Have a website made that will showcase your best work. Keep in mind though that you do need to get permission for any pictures featured on your website. Add information about your photography style, previous projects, and the services you offer. You should also consider enabling your potential client to schedule appointments, or even offer packages at a discounted price which can entice potential clients to choose you over your competitors. Be sure to include testimonials from past clients that compliment your professionalism and talent as a wedding photographer.

Key Photography Business Tips | How To Grow A Business

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Create A Blog And Update It Often! | Key Photography Business Tips

Remember, a wedding photographer holds a great deal of trust. A blog can help create that trust between you and your clients as they get to know you. Blogs are dynamic by nature and give a breath of fresh air to any stale photography website. They’re also great for SEO and people love them. Now, don’t use your blog as a portfolio by posting image after image. Use it in a memorable and personal way by telling stories, helping other photographers or sharing new ideas. Write about humorous situations you had during shoots, post on recent work, and share tips for your potential clients.

Network | Key Photography Business Tips

Take any chance to network, and think outside the box; you never know when you’ll need a florist, a hairdresser, a lawyer or an electrician. If you are going to a networking event, go through the list of attendees and email the ones you are most interested in meeting, asking if they would be interested in meeting up for a coffee before the event. Business owners frequently refer each other because it benefits both parties, so ask for business cards from vendors that target the same audience and refer them to your clients, and they will most likely do the same.

Ask For Referrals | Key Photography Business Tips

Remember that your most important clients are your past clients. Treat them right and they’ll be your best marketing force. Satisfied brides are the most powerful marketing tool you can have as a wedding photographer. They will sing your praises to all of her single friends, and even show the gorgeous wedding prints to all their friends, sending more clients your way.

Don’t Underestimate Business Cards | Key Photography Business Tips

Attend local meetings for wedding professionals. Find out where wedding vendors meet and be there. Make sure you always have a supply of business cards with your business name, logo, and most importantly, all you contact details. In this day and age of Internet-everything, it’s incredibly easy to forget about the good, old paper tools like the business card. However, that can be a costly mistake for a growing photography business.

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Key Photography Business Tips | How To Grow A Business

Rock Your Social Media | Key Photography Business Tips

Social media is the most effective tool for self-promotion on the Internet today, and you’d be silly to miss out on it. For example, you can make a page for your wedding photography business on Facebook. There, you could promote your website and provide updates for those who are interested in your work. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or the ever-growing Pinterest, you can’t ignore a golden chance like social media to tell people about your photography business. And the best thing about it, it’s completely free.

Key Photography Business Tips | Website Design –

Make Sure You’re Insured | Key Photography Business Tips

Photographers’ cars and bags are packed with expensive equipment, and thieves know that. Insure yourself from day one so your equipment is covered against theft and accidents from the moment you get your first assignment. Remember to back up your files twice and have backup equipment as well. Keep one hard drive on location and another off site. Hard drives fail, so it’s in your best interest to protect your files. If you absolutely cannot afford a backup camera and lenses, at least find a friend photographer that could rush you some extra gear in a case of emergency.

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