Logo Design Explained | Photography Logo Design Evolution: From Concept To Form! 6 Rules To Follow When Designing A Logo

Logo Design Explained | Photography Logo Design Evolution

Logo Design Explained | Photographers may think they’re represented solely by the stunning pictures they take, but a professional logo can really sum up all your work in a simple, memorable design. And just as every great picture is the result of many skilled techniques, there are behind-the-scenes strategies and best practices for designing an effective logo. Having the right logo design is a vitally important element of your branding strategy if you want to be taken seriously as a creative professional photographer. You have to make a strong statement and leave a great impression about you and your work with a simple, yet powerful logo.

Logo Design Explained | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Photography is an incredibly saturated industry, and there are many photographers out there with comparable levels of work. This is where branding comes into play to help give you the advantage over other photographers in your niche. A logo is the main symbol of your business, and it is the cornerstone of a brand. In fact, when people think of a company, the logo is often the first thing that comes to mind. So then why is it so often considered an afterthought? This post will help you understand the importance of having a logo, avoid some common mistakes, and give you some of the most effective logo design tips. Let’s dive right in!

Exposure: Do Your Research | Logo Design Explained

Be sure to carefully research your industry and target market before you begin designing your logo. You need to know and understand the common styles of your particular niche, but you also have to make sure that you don’t infringe on anyone else’s trademarked logo. What’s important is to come up with something that you believe is different from anything already out there. You don’t want to repeat the overused, cliched themes of your industry; so think about what you can do to distinguish yourself from potential competitors.

Logo Design Explained | Photography Logo Design Evolution

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Focus: Know Your Target Audience | Logo Design Explained

Logo design is a way of controlling how people feel about your business. That’s why it’s important to understand your audience’s emotional needs in regards to the services and products you are offering. The good logo should above everything appeal to and engage your audience. If your logo is in keeping with your overall brand personality it can immediately act as a beacon for your business, drawing in repeat business and potential clients to your brand with clear direction and a sense of purpose.

Develop: Start Sketching | Logo Design Explained

You will have to do a lot of trying, testing, sketching, and experimentation with ideas to arrive at something that has a very innovative and appealing touch. You can quickly sketch out multiple concepts and create variations to see what works and what doesn’t – in a matter of minutes. The computer will slow you down so be sure to break out the sketch pad, colored pencils, markers or whatever you like most – and start sketching away. Try filling a notebook page or two with some rough sketches and ideas before choosing which ones to pursue further.

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Logo Design Explained | Photography Logo Design Evolution

Refine: Communicate Using Colors | Logo Design Explained

Choosing a consistent color scheme for both your brand and your logo also goes hand-in-hand with standing our and original logo creation. You want to make sure to have something that is pleasing, yet able to grab attention, while being appropriate for the right audience, and unique from what is being used by your competitors. Your logo’s color palette can tell a story and give your brand a specific personality in the eyes of your potential clients. However, keep in mind that most successful logos do not use more than two colors, or maybe three at the most, so try not to overdo it.

Logo Design Explained | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Exhibit: Place Your Logo Everywhere | Logo Design Explained

As a photographer, you are represented by your work. But a great logo can introduce people to your style and values before they’ve ever seen any of your pictures. If used well in your marketing and branding strategy, your logo can come to represent your company’s ethos and identity, creating a sense of loyalty and building a connection to your business for your clients. Display your logo everywhere. Every piece of paper that leaves your office, from invoices to letters and cocktail napkins, should showcase your logo. The repetition makes it recognizable to current and potential clients when the need for your product or service arises.

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