Logo Design Guidelines | The Most Important Rules of Logo Design

Logo Design Guidelines | The Most Important Rules of Logo Design...

Logo Design Guidelines | You need to be aware of just how important your company logo is. It will appear on everything from your letterhead to your website, reaching clients, prospects, suppliers and the press. In other words, your logo reaches everyone who has any relation with your business and is the first impression someone will have of your company. Your logo, even very small, is one of the biggest foundations of your brand identity. Without a good logo design, your brand image can fall flat rapidly.

Winning the hearts and minds of consumers with a memorable logo can make all the difference between success and failure in business. A logo is the concept that represents the main feature or the basic orientation of your services or product. In other words the logo is the essential segment which provides feed-back to your potential customer.

Logo Design Guidelines | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

1. Simplicity | Logo Design Guidelines

The winning logo will always be the simplest one. That’s the major rule of a great logo design, because if it’s simple it also means it will be recognizable, memorable and most likely versatile. However, simple doesn’t mean generic. Simple logos are recognized faster than complicated ones. Strong lines and letters appear better than thin ones, and clean, simple logos reduce and enlarge much better than complicated ones. But although your logo should be simple, you mustn’t make it simplistic. Good logos feature something unexpected or unique without being overly done.

Logo Design Guidelines | The Most Important Rules of Logo Design...

2. Color Combinations | Logo Design Guidelines

Keep your colors down to 2-4 maximum, if at all possible. If your brand is entirely online, this may not be an important factor, since your logo will almost always be displayed in full color. A logo that requires color to ‘glue’ and hold the design together is fine when reproduction is basic – but even then only if the size is appropriate as well. So you have to be extra careful if you aim for more color combinations. Logos that rely too much on color tend to blend together when used small and unless the contrast between the two colors is emphasized, will be a grey mess if used in black and white.

3. Adaptability | Logo Design Guidelines

Over the life of your business, you’ll want to plaster your logo over everything you send out. That’s the point of having a logo after all. In order to do this, you’ll need a logo that’s adaptable to every situation and while they may look ‘pretty’, the design gimmicks we just talked about render your logo impractical for many of these uses. It should be aesthetically pleasing in both small and large sizes, applied on a variety of mediums. A good unwritten rule is the one of ‘business card and billboard’: Your logo should look good on both.

4. Timeless | Logo Design Guidelines

Every few years there’s a trend that new logos seems to embrace. A few years ago it was the ‘swoosh’ – made logos all hi-tech and futuristic. Trouble is majority of business owners jumped on that bandwagon and the treatment rapidly became boring and trite. Few years hence, and we’ve got lots of business owners stuck with out of date designs. A company that wants to be in trend with the latest fashion in design might be convinced they should change their logo every year. But that is a huge mistake.

Logo Design Guidelines | The Most Important Rules of Logo Design...

Logo Design Guidelines | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

The logo must stand behind your business’ purpose, values and products or services in some way, not even directly. If your logo carries something special, there’s much more possibility of getting noticed instead of getting mixed together in a large and lookalike mass of brands.

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