Logo Design Questions | How To Ensure Quality Logo Design: Important Questions To Ask When Designing A Logo

Logo Design Questions | How To Ensure Quality Logo Design...

Logo Design Questions | Even though to an untrained, non-designer eye it may seem like a piece of cake, designing an effective logo for a brand is a huge challenge. This is why logo designers are well-paid, in-demand, and highly revered in their niche. Standing out is a hard thing to do, after all. Think of your logo as the first thing that greets a potential client. It’s supposed to convey your brand, and it plays an important role in whether or not people feel an instant connection to your business.

Logo Design Questions | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

For logistically minded folks, a logo might not really seem all that important. You’ve got a good business plan, and excellent customer service, so why worry about a silly little graphic, right? Wrong. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” If you want to design a memorable logo that conveys your brand, and relates to your audience, then you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Who Is My Ideal Clientele? | Logo Design Questions

Keep in mind that your logo’s goal is to attract your clients, and should be created with them in mind. How you position the logo should be appropriate for its target audience. For example, a child-like fonts, and color schemes would be appropriate for a logo for a children’s toy store, not so much for a law firm.

Logo Design Questions | How To Ensure Quality Logo Design...

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What Is My Ultimate Goal? | Logo Design Questions

To build a successful brand, you have to define your purpose and clarify the reason for doing what you do. Think about the emotion you want to evoke with your brand. Are there some specific values, or feelings that are at the core of your business? If so, make them the central theme of your logo. The company’s mission, believe it or not, needs to be on full display within the design of your logo. If there isn’t an official mission statement, there’ll still be an unofficial, possibly unspoken one – you just need to find out what it is.

What’s Specific About My Business? | Logo Design Questions

With so much competition out there on the market today, what is it about your service that people should choose you over your competitors? That might be a unique quality to the product, the company’s approach to customer service, or a thousand other things. If you offer something unique, try to figure out a way to incorporate it into the logo. And if everyone in your market is using the same items, colors, or fonts in their logos, make sure you do something totally different.

What’s My Brand’s Personality? | Logo Design Questions

Yes, a brand has a personality. And if it doesn’t, you better develop one quick. Start by shaping your brand by crafting a tone of voice through content to deliver the message to your clients. Think about the personality of your company – if it was a person, what would it be like? A client should be able to describe the business using five adjectives – what are they?

What Colors Would Represent My Brand Well? | Logo Design Questions

Think about what colors your target audience is likely to appreciate. It’s doubtful that you will use pink, or purple to represent a brand that will mainly target men. Research the colors that evoke the desired emotions you want your logo to convey. However, logo designs need to work in black and white, as well as color. If your logo design uses color to convey meaning, think about how you can reflect that meaning when the color is removed.

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Logo Design Questions | How To Ensure Quality Logo Design...

How Many Fonts Should I Use? | Logo Design Questions

Obviously, there are always going to be exceptions to this rule, but as a general principle, restricting yourself to just one or two typefaces is a good idea if you want your logo design to be simple and uncluttered. If you design a custom font, try not to make it too fashionable, because it could date quickly. Keep it simple and legible.

Logo Design Questions | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Will My Logo Stand The Test Of Time? | Logo Design Questions

Paying attention to current logo design trends doesn’t mean blindly following them. An effective logo should be timeless. Will it still be effective in 10, 20, or 50 years? Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about changing a pair of jeans or buying a new dress, that’s fine, but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key. Don’t follow the pack. Stand out.

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