Logo Designs | Big-Brand Results With Small-Business Budgets: How To Design A Powerful Logo

Logo Designs | Big-Brand Results With Small-Business Budget

Logo Designs | As a small business owner, you may feel like building a brand identity and creating a logo is an overwhelming task. You know that a well-designed logo is crucial for any business, but do you know why? A logo is the first thing that potential clients see when they are introduced to your business. This can be on the signage outside your store, on your website, or on a brochure. People will form an opinion of your business and the services or products you’re offering within seconds, which means you only have one chance to leave a memorable first impression.

Logo Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

The logo is the face of your business, and the brand is the soul. Knowing this is essential when you start designing a logo. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just want to give your existing logo a facelift, think carefully about the colors, shapes, patterns and fonts you use and the emotions they will evoke. If there is a mismatch between your identity, services and logo, it can lead you down the difficult path of having to market an inconsistent or downright confusing brand. With that in mind, there are a few things that any well-designed logo should have, and these traits are must-knows for designers both new and old.

Phase One: Preparation | Logo Designs

The first step in designing a logo is to do the groundwork. You shouldn’t copy or mimic what other logos in your market are doing, but definitely observe the style and feel of the messaging to get a sense of what is and isn’t working. Consider your target audience – what type of people do you want your logo to appeal to? Whether they are tech-savvy teenagers or steam-age seniors, owners of established businesses or first time mums, you’ll have to keep them in mind when creating your logo. By clearly visualizing who your audience is and with some forethought, research and planning, the end result should be a powerful graphic that instantly identifies your business.

Logo Designs | Big-Brand Results With Small-Business Budget

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Be Unique | Logo Designs

You want your logo to effectively represent your business, to be memorable and able to stand out from the crowd. You might think it’s best to keep things simple, but play it too safe and you will end up with a logo that is boring and far from being memorable. It is crucial to keep your logo relatively simple to keep it usable in many applications and print size, but not at the expense of style! Chances are, if you design something too simple, it will look like hundreds of other cheap logos already out there. Not a good idea! Try to come up with a few different concepts and work on the ones that match your brand the best.

Is It Timeless? | Logo Designs

You should plan to use your logo for a long time if you want to get the most out of your investment. Where brand identity is concerned, longevity is key, so make sure you design a logo that will stay appropriate and relevant for 10 to 20 years, maybe even longer. That’s the sign of a good design.

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Logo Designs | Big-Brand Results With Small-Business Budget

Make It Flexible | Logo Designs

Think about how your logo will be used – on marketing materials such as flyers and leaflets, on websites and social media, and it may even have to be giant size for posters and billboards. Because of the differences in color, shape, size of all these materials – it’s obvious that your logo has to be versatile. If you fax your logo, what does it look like when the color is removed? What if it was embroidered in one color? Designing your logo using vectors is a wise move, because it can be used and exported into pretty much any format, blown up to any size and still not grind your email to a halt.

Logo Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Make Sure People Can Read Your Logo | Logo Designs

We’ve seen a few logos that look pretty cool, but for the life of us, we couldn’t read what they say. You’ve probably seen something similar. The fonts you use can become identifiers for your brand and behave in a similar way to shapes. As a general rule, one font in a logo is ideal, but if you must have more, don’t combine more than two fonts. The point of having a logo is to make your company or product name stick in the client’s mind. That can only happen if they can actually read it easily, without squinting. Make sure your logo is clear, easy to read, and related to your brand.

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