Logo Redesign | Time to Refresh? 3 Tips for Updating Your Logo

Logo Redesign | Time to Refresh? 3 Tips for Updating Your L...

Logo Redesign | A logo is the iconic image that people associate with your business, so changing this element can be almost devastating if not done in the right way, or at the right time. However, there comes a time for almost every business when updating a logo cannot be ignored. Your logo is a representation of your business, and helps convey messages about your brand to your clients. Colors, shapes, font styles and images that you use all impact how your small business is perceived by the public, and sometimes these elements need to be refreshed as your company evolves, design standards change, or simply for usefulness.

Logo Redesign | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

When a logo has been used for a number of years, the brand awareness that is amassed can be a valuable tool in the marketing arsenal of small businesses. With that in mind, logo redesigns often implement subtle changes to refresh the look while maintaining customer recognition. Logo redesigns are a risky business, and even huge corporations have failed at their attempts to update their images. There are several things to consider before and during a logo redesign that will help you create the right logo for your business.

Does your logo look dated? | Logo Redesign

No matter how timeless your logo was designed to be, almost all logos show their age over time. Maybe you used a color scheme that was trendy at the time but now shows your logo’s age. Or maybe the design itself conveys something completely different to the majority of the public today than it did in the past. Whether your reason for redesign is that your target market has changed or your logo is outdated, spelling out your reason for a makeover gives you a clear vision. Keep this vision in front of you at all times of the design and you are much more likely to have an effective redesign.

Logo Redesign | Time to Refresh? 3 Tips for Updating Your L...

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Is your logo confusing? | Logo Redesign

Most effective logos are simple, clear and memorable. Some logos, however, are bad from the get-go. If you find nearly everyone that you hand your business card to squinting in confusion when they see your logo, this is a sign that they don’t get the design. If you’ve added a product line, or merged with a new company, changed your name, or are facing new competition in your market, it could be a good time to update your logo as well in order to reflect these changes. An updated logo can help renew client interest, boost a sense of pride in your business and inspire employees as well as your clients.

Do your research | Logo Redesign

Take some time to search online or in a local bookstore for logos, both redesigns and originals. With the logo redesigns, pay attention to which ones worked and which didn’t. Examine what each company changed about the design: color, graphic, font. Before rebranding yourself, take a look at the logos of other companies in your industry and make note of the shapes, colors and font styles they use. Make sure your logo will stand out among these, while still being suitable for your industry.

If you have to make a change, make it relevant and memorable for the 100 years to come. Study every element in your logo: colors, font, graphic, style, layout, and more. What are the most important elements of your logo that need to remain? Even if you will be completely revamping your logo, try to keep at least one element intact.

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Logo Redesign | Time to Refresh? 3 Tips for Updating Your L...

Maintain meaning | Logo Redesign

Successful brand logos possess meaning; they represent the brand in a way that is appropriate and relevant, making it easier for clients to understand and grasp the nature of the brand. Make only the smallest changes possible. If you only need to update your logo, figure out which element of your logo is old-fashioned or what no longer speaks to your current audience, and only change those elements.

Logo Redesign | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Be consistent | Logo Redesign

After you have completed your logo redesign, the actual work begins. The new logo will need to be implemented across your business. You will have to update all signage, advertising, business cards, stationary and your website. You’ll also need to order new promotional products like t-shirts and pens with your new logo. Make sure your logo is accessible to others in your company who may need to use it. Communicate to everyone in the company that the old logo is no longer to be used, as that all future uses must feature the new logo.

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