Marketing Collateral Design Principles | The ABCs Of Marketing Collateral: 6 Essential Design Tips For Better Results

Marketing Collateral Design Principles | The ABCs Of Marketing Coll...

Marketing Collateral Design Principles | You may have the best product or service in your industry, but if it’s not marketed to reach your potential clients, you’re not realizing your full potential! This is where marketing collateral comes into play – it drives your business. It should familiarize your target audience with your products, services and the goals while simultaneously promoting your business and raising brand awareness.

Marketing Collateral Design Principles | Website Design –

Your customers are buried under an avalanche of generic and dull print materials on a daily basis, which means your marketing collateral can be the critical difference between a near-sale and a loyal client for life. But, what can you do to boost your marketing collateral, direct mail, and business stationery with simple design changes, no matter the budget? Here are our favorite tips to help you get started, whether you’re creating new marketing collateral from scratch or revising the content you already have so that it performs better.

Tell Your Story Clearly, Simply, Visually | Marketing Collateral Design Principles

People are scanners. It’s vitally important that you’re able to hook them into your content with strong and appealing design. This means high-impact imagery, attention-grabbing headlines, bulletined copy and short paragraphs. Simplify the design, get rid of the jargon and emphasize clear takeaways. Imagery can help dictate the flow of your content, and keep the attention of your readers on your materials. It’s usually the first thing they will see and can be the make or break point for whether or not the piece will avoid the trash can.

Marketing Collateral Design Principles | The ABCs Of Marketing Coll...

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Pay Attention To Fonts | Marketing Collateral Design Principles

Use typography as a design element. Experiment with various fonts and selective kerning to build a specific image and tone, from classic and elegant to playful or edgy. However, try not to use more than two fonts throughout your marketing collateral. Stick with one if you aren’t sure what to pair it with. Also, make sure the fonts you choose for your marketing collateral are actually easy to read, so your potential clients don’t have to strain their eyes to find the information they’re looking for.

Understand Your Client And Speak To Each One Directly | Marketing Collateral Design Principles

Know who your ideal clients are and what they want. What questions will this piece answer? All marketing collateral should communicate your unique value proposition, so begin by figuring out three to four of the key issues for every niche or industry you’re targeting. Research indicates that customers respond to content that discusses their challenges and problems — not your product. The benefits should be clearly outlined for the product’s target audience. Your messaging should also include an exact description of the product or service in language easily understood by the target audience.

Use Quality Base Materials | Marketing Collateral Design Principles

The benefits of printed marketing collateral are varied; it acts as an opportunity for your potential clients to engage with your business on a tangible level and enables them to get a sense of your business’s style and character. The stock of paper you use, how quickly your website loads and even the quality of your recorded video all contribute to how well your audiences respond to your marketing collateral, not just the content. You want your business to appear professional and reputable, which means that you have to have the best quality paper and printing your budget allows.

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Marketing Collateral Design Principles | The ABCs Of Marketing Coll...

Integrate Physical With Digital Collateral | Marketing Collateral Design Principles

People often forget that it can be a good idea to blur the line between physical and digital marketing collateral. Things like URLs and QR codes featured on printed media can help ptoential clients access your business’s digital side, which in turn gives another opportunity for them to do find out more about you. Perhaps the most basic, and even most useful, of all interactive features is the ability for clients to simply scan your phone number to call you from their mobile devices. You know getting prospects on the phone is a great way to address concerns and turn a “no” into a resounding “yes,” so offer a reward for scanning your phone number right from your business card.

Marketing Collateral Design Principles | Website Design –

Make Sharing Easy | Marketing Collateral Design Principles

Referrals, social media promotion and anything else that you can think of to get your audience to spread the word around about your business will considerably boost your marketing efforts. If it’s been awhile since you examined your collateral, chances are it could use a refresh to bring it into the digital world. By following these tips, you can ensure your communications put your brand in a positive light and help convert leads into buyers.

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