Marketing Collateral Made Easy | Make Sure Design Doesn’t Ruin The Message: Design Tips For Your Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral Made Easy | Make Sure Design Doesn't

Marketing Collateral Made Easy | Marketing can be a complicated thing as new marketing tools and techniques are launched almost on a weekly basis. However, one of the oldest and most powerful tools that any business owner can use is marketing collateral. Marketing collateral essentially drives your business. It is a time tested tool that has produced and continues to produce significant results. There are countless reasons why it is utilized by many business owners, and cost effectiveness, convenience, and accessibility are only a few of them.

Marketing Collateral Made Easy | Website Design –

Quality marketing collateral will effectively promote your brand to existing and potential clients, and familiarize them with the products and services you offer. It tells your brand’s story, so that people understand who you are and what you can do for them. When done right, marketing collateral can help build your reputation and your brand, so that people understand your value proposition. When designing multiple marketing pieces, it’s crucial to come up with a collateral strategy that covers all communications, not just those printed. Here are some essential tips to help you get started.

Make Marketing Collateral A Main Focus Of Your Marketing Strategy | Marketing Collateral Made Easy

Every piece should have a main goal. It’s alright to have additional goals, but be clear what your main one is, because every single element of the piece has to support that goal. Keep in mind that all your marketing collateral should send a focused, compelling message that matches your brand promise. Clearly defining the content before you begin your next big marketing campaign will help you focus your marketing more effectively by preventing you from losing focus on the themes and types of content you want to promote.

Marketing Collateral Made Easy | Make Sure Design Doesn't

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Create A Style Guide | Marketing Collateral Made Easy

It’s critical to have a style guide to ensure consistency across all your marketing collateral. It enables you to outline your theme elements, which include your logo and any important graphics, your fronts, key phrases and brand-oriented words. It keeps everyone on the same page about how every element should be used. Repeat design elements, colors and communication style across all of your materials to reinforce the image of your brand. The more consistent your different marketing collateral pieces are, the more effective they will be in supporting your sales strategies and tactics.

Understand Your Client And Speak To Each One Directly | Marketing Collateral Made Easy

It’s not all style and pretty imagery – make sure you offer substance in equal measure! Know who your ideal clients are and what they want. What questions will your marketing collateral answer? Explain the problems you are solving. Potential clients want to be assured they’re making the right decision by doing business with you. Use testimonials, images of successful use cases and competitive points that drive this home. As a rule of thumb, keep your writing simple and clear. When you’re writing about something you know well, it’s easy to get complicated.

Develop Slightly Different Variations Of Your Logos | Marketing Collateral Made Easy

Each type of collateral has a different intended audience, which means that each type of collateral has a slightly different goal. While your logo should stay relatively consistent across all the pieces, you should consider creating variations of your logo that fit the best the specific marketing collateral pieces. Yes, your logo should be instantly recognizable, but remember that each type of marketing collateral may have different requirements: you may need a rectangular logo that fits envelopes and business cards, or you may need a black and white version for faxed and xeroxed documents.

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Marketing Collateral Made Easy | Make Sure Design Doesn't

Go For Quality | Marketing Collateral Made Easy

Whenever you’re presenting your brand to your target audience, you want to appear professional and reputable at all times. Go for the best quality materials your budget allows, whether you’re investing in the type of paper you use or the quality of video on your website or social media channels – as this all can drastically affect just how well your potential clients respond to your marketing collateral.

Marketing Collateral Made Easy | Website Design –

Use The Right Amount Of Graphics | Marketing Collateral Made Easy

Use professional images to grab a potential client’s attention. It’s usually the first thing they will look at. Graphics can help dictate the flow of your content, and keep the attention of your audience on your materials. However, there is a certain balance of graphics that needs to be observed in order to effectively do this, so don’t go crazy and clutter your pieces with too much imagery.

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