Marketing Collateral Strategy | Marketing That Works: Tips For Designing Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral Strategy | Marketing That Works: Tips...

Marketing Collateral Strategy | Printed marketing collateral is one of the oldest and most extensively used marketing tools. Being also one of the most affordable tools, marketing collateral has the deepest penetration into the target market in terms of advertising. You may not be aware of it, but an impressive design and quality materials will subtly influence you, often motivating you to buy something, or at least make you seriously consider the products or services offered.

Marketing Collateral Strategy | Website Design –

Poorly designed marketing collateral or low quality materials tell your target audience more about your business than you think. Apart from being a waste of money, it conveys a very poor image and actually undermines the entire marketing strategy. Effective marketing collateral can be the difference between a near-sale and a loyal client for life. Here are our top tips for designing market collateral or revising the material you already have so that it performs better.

Showcase Your Creativity | Marketing Collateral Strategy

Your collateral should showcase your creativity and should never shy away from the personality that sets your brand apart from your competitors. Make sure you stand out for all the right reasons, so be careful not to be too gimmicky – you don’t want to deter from the message itself. The fact is, marketing collateral that looks tired and outdated gives the impression that your business is outdated as well. And that’s hardly the message you want your clients to get, much less spread to others.

Marketing Collateral Strategy | Marketing That Works: Tips...

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Make It Simple | Marketing Collateral Strategy

Developing marketing campaigns and creating beautifully designed collateral and online content is all good and necessary, but don’t go too crazy. Keep your marketing collateral appealing, relevant, simple, and above all, reader friendly. People are scanners. It’s vitally important to hook them into your content strong visual design. This means high-impact graphics, killer headlines, bulletined copy and short paragraphs. Simplify the design, remove the jargon and define clear takeaways. Be relevant, be concise and don’t fluff! Focus on showing what makes you different and highlighting what you can offer to your potential clients.

Use Imagery | Marketing Collateral Strategy

Use professional images to grab a reader’s attention. We’ve all heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” a million times. Try to spend a few hours at the board brainstorming creative ways to illustrate your most important messages and solutions graphically. Graphics can help dictate the flow of your content, and keep the attention of your audience on your materials. It’s usually the first thing they will look at and a deciding factor whether or not the piece will end up in the trash.

Make It Easy To Access And Share | Marketing Collateral Strategy

It’s a social world, as you may have heard. All your content should be easy to access and share. In a click, a reader should be able to email your marketing collateral to a colleague or tweet it out to the masses. Businesses tend to forget that it can be a wise idea to blur the line between physical and digital marketing collateral. You’ll reach a wider audience than you did before, which translates into more opportunities to make sales. Things like web addresses and QR codes printed on physical media can help clients access your business’s digital side, which in turn gives another chance for them to do business with you.

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Marketing Collateral Strategy | Marketing That Works: Tips...

Consistency Is Vital | Marketing Collateral Strategy

Set brand guidelines and stick to them, particularly when it comes to fonts, branding and colors, as well as materials and even the language you utilize to communicate your messages to your potential clients! You only get one shot at a first impression – make it a good one! Your print marketing pieces should include your brand colors and your symbols. The fonts should match from the business cards to the brochures to the postcards, and even your website. The repetition will help people instantly recognize your brand when they pick up one of your marketing pieces.

Marketing Collateral Strategy | Website Design –

Use Quality Materials | Marketing Collateral Strategy

There will be differences in how these promotional materials look when they are next to each other. Each type of print marketing piece has its own unique features based on the print medium, so keep the materials in mind when creating your print collateral. You want your company to come off professional and reputable, which means that you have to use the highest quality paper and printing that is economically feasible. If this sounds too expensive to maintain in the short term, then consider saving costs by taking advantage of things like the economics of scale by printing your materials in bulk.

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