Memorable Business Stationery Design | Maximize Your Competitive Edge: Secrets For Designing Impressive Business Stationery

Memorable Business Stationery Design | Maximize Your ...

Memorable Business Stationery Design | A company’s business stationery used for snail-mail, marketing and other forms of communication should convey the company’s branding in an appropriate and appealing light. Often forgotten, and often the Achilles heel as a result, business stationery can be a subtle, yet incredibly powerful way of getting your message across. Invoices, letterhead, compliment slips and business cards are crucial tools to have in the locker as part of an overall branding strategy.

Memorable Business Stationery Design | Website Design –

When you design stationery for your business, it is critical that you do not take that decision lightly. Together with coordinating business cards, envelopes and printed sales materials, business stationery should be created to leave a positive impression of the company through careful choices of logos, colors and other brand elements. Even the paper that you use for official correspondence is going to represent your business, so it is vitally important that you choose something that is professional and upscale.

Keep It Simple | Memorable Business Stationery Design

A creative letterhead, business card, and matching envelope will reinforce your brand to the client, but you don’t want the design to distract from the content of the letter. One of the most important principles behind creating effective stationery is to keep the design as simple as possible. Keep in mind that stationery items are a delivery mechanism – they’re not the content itself, rather the supporting structure that delivers that content. Simple and well-structured is best for stationery – don’t overdo it!

Memorable Business Stationery Design | Maximize Your ...

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Add Some Color | Memorable Business Stationery Design

Not only does personalized stationery help you stand out from the crowd; it also gives you an opportunity to promote the nature of your business using colors, font and graphics that best match your personality. So many business owners choose mono or two-color design for their stationery items, as there is a misconception that this provides a more professional look (and it’s cheaper too). But why not stand out from the crowd and give some vibrancy to your letterhead, and some life into your business cards?

Paper Quality | Memorable Business Stationery Design

Nothing will make or break your business stationery like the quality of the paper that you choose. It goes without saying that budgets are limited, and one of the first things to take a hit is stationery. Yes, printing on thinner paper is more affordable, however what does that say about you as a company? Because you want the paper to have a tone of formality and professionalism, you should go with a thick and glossy option. A client will definitely notice the difference between standard photocopier paper and thick, glossy, high-quality paper. This small detail can be enough to change the perception of your business in the mind of a potential client.

Consistency Is Key | Memorable Business Stationery Design

Your stationery items will help form a lasting impression of your business, and using a consistent logo and color scheme across all your printed and digital materials can help strengthen the company’s brand. Making sure that your existing and potential clients recognize your business is part of your branding strategy and the overall goal when designing your stationery. Consistency is vital for making your brand memorable, so you’ll have to make sure that what a customer reads, watches or experiences is consistent throughout your branded materials.

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Memorable Business Stationery Design | Maximize Your ...

How Will they Contact You? | Memorable Business Stationery Design

You’ll want to include your address, telephone numbers, email and website, along with official details such as the company’s registered number and the VAT number, if possible. There are various different options for placing these elements on the paper, but they are best kept to the top or the bottom of the sheet of paper. Don’t print a fax number until you’ve determined how many faxes you actually get per year. If the number is small then consider replacing this with information about your social media profiles, like your Twitter handle.

Memorable Business Stationery Design | Website Design –

Include Clean Space | Memorable Business Stationery Design

It may be tempting to ‘throw the kitchen sink’ at your business stationery and include every possible way of contact and a few testimonials. This is best avoided however as you risk drowning your message which, we must remember, is the reason you’re sending out the stationery in the first place! Choosing a design that offers elements of clean white space will help your message stand out. A design that is too cluttered will distract clients from noticing the important things on the stationery, such as your contact information and logo.

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